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StETofNode Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StETofNode:
StETofGeomCounter StETofGeomModule

Public Member Functions

 StETofNode (const TGeoPhysicalNode &gpNode)
 StETofNode (const TGeoPhysicalNode &gpNode, const float &dx, const float &dy, const StThreeVectorD alignment)
void convertPos (StETofNode *from, const double *pos_from, StETofNode *to, double *pos_to)
void local2Master (const double *local, double *master)
void master2Local (const double *master, double *local)
bool isLocalPointIn (const double *local)
bool isGlobalPointIn (const StThreeVectorD &global)
bool isGlobalPointIn (const TVector3 &global)
void buildMembers ()
double calcPhi (const double &rel_local_y, const double &rel_local_x)
double calcEta (const double &rel_local_x)
StThreeVectorD calcCenterPos ()
StThreeVectorD calcXYPlaneNormal ()
bool helixCross (const StHelixD &helix, double &pathLength, StThreeVectorD &cross, double &theta)
bool helixCross (const StPicoHelix &helix, double &pathLength, TVector3 &cross, double &theta)
TGeoHMatrix * geoMatrix () const
TGeoBBox * box () const
double phiMin () const
double phiMax () const
double etaMin () const
double etaMax () const
StThreeVectorD centerPos () const
StThreeVectorD xyPlaneNormal () const
void setSafetyMargins (const double *margins)
double safetyMarginX () const
double safetyMarginY () const
void debugOn ()
void debugOff ()
bool isDebugOn () const
virtual void print (const Option_t *opt="") const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file StETofGeometry.h.

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