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StEmcMicroTrack Class Reference

#include <StEmcMicroTrack.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StEmcMicroTrack (StEmcMicroTrack *)
Float_t getPt () const
 Return PT of the track.
Float_t getP () const
 Return P of the track.
Float_t getEta () const
 Return Eta of the track.
Float_t getPhi () const
 Return Phi of the track.
Float_t getOrigin (Int_t i) const
 Return Origin of the track (0=X, 1=Y, 2=Z)
Float_t getCurvature () const
 Return Curvature of the track.
Short_t getCharge () const
 Return Charge of the track.
Float_t getDca () const
 Return DCA of the track.
Float_t getDcaSigned () const
 Return DCA signed of the track.
Float_t getChi2 () const
 Return ChiSquare of the track.
Int_t getFitPts () const
 Return Number of fit points of the track.
Int_t getMaxPts () const
 Return Max number of points of the track.
Int_t getNhits () const
 Return Number of hits of the track.
Float_t getDedx () const
 Return dE/dX of the track.
Float_t getDedxErr () const
 Return dE/dX error on mean value.
Int_t getNdedxPts () const
 Return dE/dX number of points of the track.
Float_t getTrackLength () const
 Return track length.
Int_t getTrackNode () const
 Return track node (useful for StEvent Reconstruction)
Int_t getFlag () const
 Return flag of the track.
void setP (Float_t p)
void setEta (Float_t eta)
void setPhi (Float_t phi)
void setCurvature (Float_t c)
void setOrigin (Float_t x, Float_t y, Float_t z)
void setCharge (Short_t charge)
void setDca (Float_t dca)
void setDcaSigned (Float_t sdca)
void setChi2 (Float_t chi2)
void setFitPts (Int_t fitPts)
void setMaxPts (Int_t maxPts)
void setNhits (Int_t nhits)
void setDedx (Float_t Dedx)
void setDedxErr (Float_t err)
void setNdedxPts (Int_t ndedxPts)
void setTrackLength (Float_t tl)
void setTrackNodeNumber (Int_t n)
void setFlag (Int_t n)

Detailed Description

Alexandre A. P. Suaide

This is the EMC micro track structure.

Definition at line 15 of file StEmcMicroTrack.h.

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