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StEvPPV::CtbHitList Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEvPPV::CtbHitList:

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void initRun (float fac=1.)
void buildFromMC (TDataSet *gds)
void buildFromData (StTriggerData *trgD)
virtual int etaBin (float eta)
virtual float bin2EtaLeft (int iEta)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEvPPV::ScintHitList
 ScintHitList (float Xphi0, float XdPhi, int mxPhi, float Xeta0, float XdEta, int mxEta, const char *name, float wm, float wv)
void clear ()
void initRun ()
int addTrack (float eta, float phi)
void print (int k=0)
int getActive (int iBin)
int getFired (int iBin)
int getTrack (int iBin)
bool isMatched (int ibin)
bool isVetoed (int ibin)
float getWeight (int ibin)
void doHisto ()
void initHisto (TObjArray *)
int getnFired ()
int phiBin (float phi)

Static Public Member Functions

static void ctb_get_slat_from_data (int slat, int tray, float &phiRad, float &eta)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StEvPPV::ScintHitList
int iPhiEta2bin (int iPhi, int iEta)
void iBin2iPhiEta (int iBin, int &iPhi, int &iEta)
void setActive (int iBin)
void setFired (int iBin)
- Protected Attributes inherited from StEvPPV::ScintHitList
int * active
int * fired
int * track
int nActive
int nFired
int nTrack
int nMatch
float phi0
float dPhi
float eta0
float dEta
int nEta
int nPhi
int nBin
TH1F * h [8]
TString myName
float Wmatch
float Wveto

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file CtbHitList.h.

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