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StFileIter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StFileIter:

Public Member Functions

 StFileIter (const char *name, Option_t *option="", const char *ftitle="", Int_t compress=1, Int_t netopt=0)
 StFileIter (TFile *file=0)
 StFileIter (TDirectory *directory)
 StFileIter (const StFileIter &)
Int_t CurrentCursorPosition () const
virtual const TFile * GetTFile () const
virtual const TDirectory * GetTDirectory () const
virtual Bool_t IsOpen () const
virtual TObject * NextEventGet (UInt_t eventNumber=UInt_t(-1), UInt_t runNumber=UInt_t(-1), const char *name="*")
virtual Int_t NextEventPut (TObject *obj, UInt_t eventNum, UInt_t runNumber, const char *name=0)
TKey * NextEventKey (UInt_t eventNumber=UInt_t(-1), UInt_t runNumber=UInt_t(-1), const char *name="*")
void SetCursorPosition (Int_t cursorPosition)
void SetCursorPosition (const char *keyNameToFind)
Int_t GetObjlen () const
virtual Int_t TotalKeys () const
virtual TKey * SkipObjects (Int_t nSkip=1)
virtual TObject * GetObject () const
virtual Int_t GetDepth () const
TKey * GetCurrentKey () const
const char * GetKeyName () const
StFileIteroperator= (Int_t cursorPosition)
StFileIteroperator= (const char *keyNameToFind)
StFileIteroperator+= (Int_t shift)
StFileIteroperator-= (Int_t shift)
StFileIteroperator++ ()
StFileIteroperator-- ()
TObject * operator* () const
 operator const char * () const
 operator const TFile * () const
 operator const TDirectory * () const
 operator int () const
int operator== (const char *name) const
int operator!= (const char *name) const
virtual TObject * Next ()
virtual TObject * Next (Int_t nSkip)
virtual void Reset ()
virtual void Rewind ()
TObject * operator() (Int_t nSkip)
TObject * operator() ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TString MapName (const char *name, const char *localSystemKey=0, const char *mountedFileSystemKey=0)
static const char * GetResourceName ()
static const char * GetDefaultMapFileName ()
static const char * GetLocalFileNameKey ()
static const char * GetForeignFileSystemKey ()
static void PurgeKeys (TList *listOfKeys)

Protected Member Functions

void Initialize ()
TObject * ReadObj (const TKey *key) const
void RestoreFileScope ()
void SaveFileScope ()

Protected Attributes

TDirectory * fRootFile
TString fEventName
UInt_t fRunNumber
UInt_t fEventNumber
Int_t fCursorPosition
Bool_t fOwnTFile

Detailed Description

Definition at line 61 of file StFileIter.h.

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