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StFlowPicoTrack Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StFlowPicoTrack (StFlowPicoTrack *track)
Float_t Pt () const
Float_t PtGlobal () const
Float_t Eta () const
Float_t EtaGlobal () const
Float_t Phi () const
Float_t PhiGlobal () const
Short_t Charge () const
Float_t Dca () const
Float_t DcaSigned () const
Float_t DcaGlobal () const
Float_t ZFirstPoint () const
Float_t ZLastPoint () const
Float_t Chi2 () const
Int_t FitPts () const
Int_t MaxPts () const
Int_t Nhits () const
Int_t NdedxPts () const
Float_t TrackLength () const
Float_t PidPion () const
Float_t PidProton () const
Float_t PidKaon () const
Float_t PidDeuteron () const
Float_t PidElectron () const
Float_t Dedx () const
Int_t MostLikelihoodPID () const
Float_t MostLikelihoodProb () const
Int_t ExtrapTag () const
Float_t ElectronPositronProb () const
Float_t PionPlusMinusProb () const
Float_t KaonPlusMinusProb () const
Float_t ProtonPbarProb () const
Double_t DcaGlobalX () const
Double_t DcaGlobalY () const
Double_t DcaGlobalZ () const
UInt_t TopologyMap0 () const
UInt_t TopologyMap1 () const
void SetPt (Float_t pt)
void SetPtGlobal (Float_t gpt)
void SetEta (Float_t eta)
void SetEtaGlobal (Float_t geta)
void SetDedx (Float_t Dedx)
void SetPhi (Float_t phi)
void SetPhiGlobal (Float_t gphi)
void SetCharge (Short_t charge)
void SetDca (Float_t dca)
void SetDcaSigned (Float_t sdca)
void SetDcaGlobal (Float_t gdca)
void SetZFirstPoint (Float_t zFirst)
void SetZLastPoint (Float_t zLast)
void SetChi2 (Float_t chi2)
void SetFitPts (Int_t fitPts)
void SetMaxPts (Int_t maxPts)
void SetNhits (Int_t nhits)
void SetNdedxPts (Int_t ndedxPts)
void SetTrackLength (Float_t tl)
void SetPidPion (Float_t pid)
void SetPidProton (Float_t pid)
void SetPidKaon (Float_t pid)
void SetPidDeuteron (Float_t pid)
void SetPidElectron (Float_t pid)
void SetMostLikelihoodPID (Int_t val)
void SetMostLikelihoodProb (Float_t val)
void SetExtrapTag (Int_t val)
void SetElectronPositronProb (Float_t val)
void SetPionPlusMinusProb (Float_t val)
void SetKaonPlusMinusProb (Float_t val)
void SetProtonPbarProb (Float_t val)
void SetDcaGlobal3 (const Double_t x, const Double_t y, const Double_t z)
void SetTopologyMap (const UInt_t map0, const UInt_t map1)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file StFlowPicoTrack.h.

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