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StFpdMicroCollection Class Reference

#include <StFpdMicroCollection.h>

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Public Member Functions

Int_t getToken () const
 Return FPD token.
Int_t getSumAdcNorth () const
 Return FPD Sum ADC North.
Int_t getSumAdcSouth () const
 Return FPD Sum ADC South.
Int_t getSumAdcTop () const
 Return FPD Sum ADC Top.
Int_t getSumAdcBottom () const
 Return FPD Sum ADC Bottom.
Int_t getSumAdcPreShower1 () const
 Return FPD Sum ADC Pre Shower 1.
Int_t getSumAdcPreShower2 () const
 Return FPD Sum ADC Pre Shower 2.
Int_t getSumAdcSmdX () const
 Return FPD Sum ADC Shower Max X.
Int_t getSumAdcSmdY () const
 Return FPD Sum ADC Shower Max Y.
void setToken (Int_t a)
void setSumAdcNorth (Int_t a)
void setSumAdcSouth (Int_t a)
void setSumAdcTop (Int_t a)
void setSumAdcBottom (Int_t a)
void setSumAdcPreShower1 (Int_t a)
void setSumAdcPreShower2 (Int_t a)
void setSumAdcSmdX (Int_t a)
void setSumAdcSmdY (Int_t a)

Detailed Description

Alexandre A. P. Suaide

This is the EMC micro Fpd structure.

Definition at line 11 of file StFpdMicroCollection.h.

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