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StFstCluster Class Reference

#include <StFstCluster.h>

Inheritance diagram for StFstCluster:

Public Member Functions

 StFstCluster (int key=-1, int disk=-1, int wedge=-1, int sensor=-1, int apv=-1, float meanRStrip=-1, float meanPhiStrip=-1, float totCharge=0, float totChargeErr=0, int clusteringType=-1)
vector< StFstRawHit * > & getRawHitVec ()
const vector< StFstRawHit * > & getRawHitVec () const
int getKey () const
unsigned char getDisk () const
unsigned char getWedge () const
unsigned char getSensor () const
unsigned char getApv () const
float getMeanRStrip () const
float getMeanPhiStrip () const
float getTotCharge () const
float getTotChargeErr () const
unsigned char getMaxTimeBin () const
unsigned char getClusteringType () const
unsigned char getNRawHits () const
unsigned char getNRawHitsR () const
unsigned char getNRawHitsPhi () const
unsigned short getIdTruth () const
void setDisk (int disk)
void setWedge (int wedge)
void setSensor (int sensor)
void setApv (int apv)
void setMeanRStrip (float meanRStrip)
void setMeanPhiStrip (float meanPhiStrip)
void setTotCharge (float totCharge)
void setTotChargeErr (float totChargeErr)
void setMaxTimeBin (int tb)
void setClusteringType (int clusteringType)
void setNRawHits (int nRawHits)
void setNRawHitsR (int nRawHitsR)
void setNRawHitsPhi (int nRawHitsPhi)
void setIdTruth (unsigned short idTruth)
virtual void Print (Option_t *opt="") const

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (StFstCluster, 1)

Protected Attributes

Int_t mKey
 Cluster unique label.
Float_t mMeanRStrip
 Cluster's mean rstrip.
Float_t mMeanPhiStrip
 Cluster's mean phistrip.
Float_t mTotCharge
 Charge sum of the cluster.
Float_t mTotChargeErr
 rMS noise of the cluster
UShort_t mIdTruth
 For embedding, 0 as background.
UChar_t mDiskId
 Disk id the cluster belongs to.
UChar_t mWedgeId
 Wedge id the cluster belongs to.
UChar_t mSensorId
 Sensor id the cluster belongs to.
UChar_t mApv
 Apv id the cluster belongs to.
UChar_t mClusteringType
 Clustering algorithm type.
UChar_t mMaxTimeBin
 Max ADC time bin index.
UChar_t mNRawHits
 Cluster size.
UChar_t mNRawHitsR
 Cluster size in R direction.
UChar_t mNRawHitsPhi
 Cluster size in Phi direction.
std::vector< StFstRawHit * > mRawHitVec
 Map container to save raw hits who contribute to the cluster.

Detailed Description

Data structure for FST cluster (neighboring pads fired by the same track).

Shenghui Zhang
Sep 2021

Definition at line 16 of file StFstCluster.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StFstCluster::StFstCluster ( int  key = -1,
int  disk = -1,
int  wedge = -1,
int  sensor = -1,
int  apv = -1,
float  meanRStrip = -1,
float  meanPhiStrip = -1,
float  totCharge = 0,
float  totChargeErr = 0,
int  clusteringType = -1 

Author: Shenghui Zhang, Sep 2021

Description: See header file.

Definition at line 13 of file StFstCluster.cxx.

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