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StFtpcPlaneHitIter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StFtpcPlaneHitIter:

Public Member Functions

virtual const TObject * GetObject (int idx) const
 Gets an object at a specified position in the collection.
virtual int GetSize () const
 Returns the number of entries in the collection.
- Public Member Functions inherited from StHitIter
virtual const TObject * Reset (const TObject *cont)
virtual const TObject * operator++ ()
 Increments the iterator, returning the next object in the collection.
virtual const TObject * Get () const
 Gets the current object in the collection.
virtual StDetectorId DetectorId () const
 Returns the STAR ID of the detector.
void SetDowIter (StHitIter *it)
 For the case of nested collections, sets the iterator over another collection.
virtual void UPath (ULong64_t &upath) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from StHitIter
const TObject * fCont
int fJIter
int fNIter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 621 of file StEventHitIter.cxx.

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