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StFtpcVertex Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StFtpcVertex:

Public Member Functions

 StFtpcVertex (TObjArray *hits, TH1F *vtx_pos=0)
 StFtpcVertex (St_DataSet *const geant)
 StFtpcVertex (StVertex *vertex)
 StFtpcVertex (TObjArray *tracks, StFtpcVertex *vertex, Char_t hemisphere)
 StFtpcVertex (Double_t pos[6], Int_t iFlag=0, Int_t id=0)
 StFtpcVertex (Double_t pos[3], Double_t err[3], Int_t iFlag=0, Int_t id=0)
 StFtpcVertex (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z, Double_t x_err, Double_t y_err, Double_t z_err, Int_t iFlag=0, Int_t id=0)
 StFtpcVertex (const StFtpcVertex &vertex)
Double_t GetX () const
Double_t GetY () const
Double_t GetZ () const
Double_t GetAbsZ () const
Double_t GetXerr () const
Double_t GetYerr () const
Double_t GetZerr () const
Double_t GetRadius2 () const
Double_t GetRadius3 () const
TVector3 GetCoord () const
TVector3 GetError () const
Int_t GetIFlag () const
Int_t GetId () const
void SetX (Double_t f)
void SetY (Double_t f)
void SetZ (Double_t f)
void SetXerr (Double_t f)
void SetYerr (Double_t f)
void SetZerr (Double_t f)
void SetIFlag (Int_t f)
void SetId (Int_t f)
void CheckXerr ()
void CheckYerr ()
void CheckZerr ()
void CheckErr ()
Bool_t CoordIsNan ()
Int_t CheckVertex ()
StFtpcVertexoperator= (const StFtpcVertex &vertex)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 99 of file StFtpcVertex.hh.

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