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StGammaTrack Class Reference
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class  Exception

Public Member Functions

 StGammaTrack (StMuTrack *track)
virtual const char * GetCVS () const
TVector3 positionAtRadius (Double_t radius) const
 Returns outer helix (last measured point)
TVector3 positionAtZ (Double_t z) const
 Returns (0,0,0) if failed.
Float_t pt () const
 Referencing candidates.
Float_t pz () const
 pt at vertex
Float_t eta () const
 pz at vertex
Float_t phi () const
 eta at vertex

Public Attributes

Int_t id
Int_t flag
 id of the track
Int_t type
 track flag
Int_t charge
 track type 0=global 1=primary ...
Int_t nhits
 track charge
Float_t dEdx
 nhits along track
TVector3 momentum
 energy loss in keV
TVector3 dca
StPhysicalHelix helix
 Distance of closest approach.
StPhysicalHelix outerHelix
 Returns inner helix (first measured point)
TRefArray candidates
 Returns (0,0,0) if failed.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file StGammaTrack.h.

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