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StGlauberAnalysisMaker Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StGlauberAnalysisMaker (const TString type="default", const TString system="AuAu_200GeV", const TString outputFileName="ana.root", const TString tableDir="./")
virtual ~StGlauberAnalysisMaker ()
 Default constructor.
Bool_t Make ()
 Default destructor. More...
Bool_t RunFile (const TString inputFileName="icmaker.root")
 Make one event. More...
Bool_t Run (const TString inputFileList)
 Loop over all events in one file.
Bool_t Finish ()
 Loop over all file lists. More...
void UnitWeightOn ()
 Finish analysis.
void ReweightingOn ()
 Use unit weight instead of multiplicity weight.
void DebugOn ()
 Apply re-weighting correction.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file StGlauberAnalysisMaker.h.

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t StGlauberAnalysisMaker::Finish ( )

Loop over all file lists.

Finish analysis

  1. Correct particle-wise weight
  2. Write text table
  3. Write graph into outputs

Write/Close output ROOT file

Definition at line 348 of file StGlauberAnalysisMaker.cxx.

References StGlauberCumulantHistogramMaker::Finish(), and StGlauberHistogramMaker::Finish().

Bool_t StGlauberAnalysisMaker::Make ( )

Default destructor.

Set x-axis

Discard events if mReweighting is true && the following condition is satisfied

Fill impact parameter, Npart, Ncoll, ...

Definition at line 185 of file StGlauberAnalysisMaker.cxx.

References StGlauberCumulantHistogramMaker::Fill(), StGlauberHistogramMaker::Fill(), StCentrality::GetReweighting(), StGlauberTree::GetSPP(), StGlauberTree::GetSRP(), and StGlauberHistogramMaker::SetXaxis().

Referenced by RunFile().

Bool_t StGlauberAnalysisMaker::RunFile ( const TString  inputFileName = "icmaker.root")

Make one event.

Make one event

Debugging message

Clean up

Definition at line 286 of file StGlauberAnalysisMaker.cxx.

References StGlauberTree::Clear(), StGlauberTree::Close(), StCentrality::GetCentrality(), StGlauberTree::GetEntries(), StGlauberTree::GetEntry(), Make(), and StGlauberTree::Open().

Referenced by Run().

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