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StHiMicroEvent Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Clear (Option_t *option="")
void AddTrack (StHiMicroTrack *)
void AddHit (StHiMicroHit *)
TClonesArray * tracks () const
TClonesArray * hits () const
Float_t VertexZ () const
Float_t VertexY () const
Float_t VertexX () const
Int_t OriginMult () const
Int_t CentMult () const
Int_t Centrality () const
Int_t NUncorrectedNegativePrimaries () const
Int_t NUncorrectedPrimaries () const
Int_t NAllGlobals () const
Int_t NFlagGlobals () const
Int_t NGoodGlobals () const
Int_t NGoodGlobalsA () const
Int_t NGoodGlobalsB () const
Int_t NGoodGlobalsC () const
Int_t NGoodGlobalsD () const
Int_t NGoodGlobalsE () const
UInt_t L0TriggerWord () const
Bool_t L3UnbiasedTrigger () const
Bool_t L3RichTrigger () const
Double_t CenterOfMassEnergy () const
Double_t MagneticField () const
Short_t BeamMassNumberEast () const
Short_t BeamMassNumberWest () const
Int_t EventId () const
Int_t RunId () const
Int_t NTrack () const
Float_t CTB () const
Float_t ZDCe () const
Float_t ZDCw () const
Float_t ZDCVertexZ () const
Int_t NHit () const
void SetCentrality (Int_t)
void SetVertexZ (Float_t val)
void SetVertexY (Float_t val)
void SetVertexX (Float_t val)
void SetOriginMult (Int_t val)
void SetCentMult (Int_t val)
void SetNUncorrectedNegativePrimaries (Int_t val)
void SetNUncorrectedPrimaries (Int_t val)
void SetNAllGlobals (Int_t val)
void SetNFlagGlobals (Int_t val)
void SetNGoodGlobals (Int_t val)
void SetNGoodGlobalsA (Int_t val)
void SetNGoodGlobalsB (Int_t val)
void SetNGoodGlobalsC (Int_t val)
void SetNGoodGlobalsD (Int_t val)
void SetNGoodGlobalsE (Int_t val)
void SetL0TriggerWord (UInt_t val)
void SetL3UnbiasedTrigger (Bool_t val)
void SetL3RichTrigger (Bool_t val)
void SetCenterOfMassEnergy (Double_t val)
void SetMagneticField (Double_t val)
void SetBeamMassNumberEast (Short_t val)
void SetBeamMassNumberWest (Short_t val)
void SetEventId (Int_t val)
void SetRunId (Int_t val)
void SetNTrack (Int_t val)
void SetCTB (Float_t val)
void SetZDCe (Float_t val)
void SetZDCw (Float_t val)
void SetZDCVertexZ (Float_t val)
void SetNHit (Int_t val)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file StHiMicroEvent.h.

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