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StHltTrack Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StHltTrack:

Public Member Functions

 StHltTrack ()
StTrackType type () const
int id () const
unsigned int flag () const
int innerMostRow () const
int outerMostRow () const
unsigned int nHits () const
unsigned int ndedx () const
int q () const
float chi2 (int) const
float dedx () const
float pt () const
float phi0 () const
float psi () const
float r0 () const
float tanl () const
float z0 () const
float length () const
float dpt () const
float dpsi () const
float dz0 () const
float dtanl () const
StHltTrackNodetrackNode ()
const StHltTrackNodetrackNode () const
void setType (StTrackType)
void setId (int)
void setFlag (unsigned short)
void setInnerMostRow (char)
void setOuterMostRow (char)
void setNHits (unsigned char)
void setNDedx (unsigned char)
void setQ (char)
void setChi2 (int, float)
void setDedx (float)
void setPt (float)
void setPhi0 (float)
void setPsi (float)
void setR0 (float)
void setTanl (float)
void setZ0 (float)
void setLength (float)
void setDpt (float)
void setDpsi (float)
void setDz0 (float)
void setDtanl (float)
void setTrackNode (StHltTrackNode *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Protected Attributes

StTrackType mType
 track Type
int mId
 primary key
unsigned short mFlag
char mInnerMostRow
char mOuterMostRow
unsigned char mNHits
unsigned char mNDedx
char mQ
float mChi2 [2]
 chi squared of the momentum fit
float mDedx
float mPt
 pt at (r, phi,z)
float mPhi0
 azimuthal angle of point where parameters are given
float mPsi
 azimuthal angle of the momentum at (r,...
float mR0
 r (in cyl. coord.) for point where parameters are given
float mTanl
 tg of the dip angle at (r,phi,z)
float mZ0
 z coordinate of point where parameters are given
float mLength
float mDpt
float mDpsi
float mDz0
float mDtanl
StLink< StHltTrackNodemTrackNode

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file StHltTrack.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StHltTrack::StHltTrack ( )

< default constructor Initialization ...

Definition at line 24 of file StHltTrack.cxx.

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