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StJet Class Reference

#include <StJet.h>

Inheritance diagram for StJet:

Public Member Functions

 StJet (double lE, double lpx, double lpy, double lpz, Int_t size, int c)
Float_t et () const
Float_t ez () const
float neutralFraction () const
float chargedFraction () const
float rt () const
TrackToJetIndexleadingChargedParticle () const
Float_t detEta (float vz, float radius=231.72) const
Float_t detEta () const
void addGeomTrigger (int trigId)
bool geomTrigger (int trigId) const
std::vector< int > & geomTriggers ()
double deltaPhi (const StJet *jet) const
double deltaR (const StJet *jet) const
int numberOfTracks () const
int numberOfTowers () const
TrackToJetIndextrack (int i) const
TowerToJetIndextower (int i) const
TRefArray & tracks ()
TRefArray & towers ()
void addTrack (const TrackToJetIndex *track)
void addTower (const TowerToJetIndex *tower)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool getJetPatchEtaPhi (int id, float &eta, float &phi)
static bool getJetPatchId (float eta, float phi, int &id)

Public Attributes

Int_t nCell
 The number of 4-vectors contributing to this jet.
int charge
 The summed coulomb charge of the tracks in this jet.
int nTracks
 The number of tracks in this jet.
int nBtowers
 The number of Barrel towers in this jet.
int nEtowers
 The number of Endcap towers in this jet.
float tpcEtSum
 The summed Et from tracks.
float btowEtSum
 The summed Et from Barrel towers.
float etowEtSum
 The summed Et from Endcap towers.
float jetEt
 Et (stored for convenience when drawing TTree)
float jetPt
 Pt (stored for convenience when drawing TTree)
float jetEta
 Eta (stored for convenience when drawing TTree)
float jetPhi
 Phi (stored for convenience when drawing TTree)
float zVertex
 position of vertex used to reconstruct jet

Detailed Description

Ako Ogowa (BNL) StJet is a simple class for persistent storage of the properties of a single jet. The 4-momentum is handled via the inheritance from TLorentzVector, and jet-specific properties are added as public members.

Definition at line 91 of file StJet.h.

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