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StJetSpliterMerger Class Reference

#include <StJetSpliterMerger.h>

Public Types

typedef StEtaPhiCell::CellList CellList

Public Member Functions

void setSplitFraction (double v)
 split jets if E_shared/E_neighbor>splitFraction
double splitFraction () const
void splitMerge (CellList &jets)

Detailed Description

M.L. Miller (Yale Software) A work class to disentangle a container of jets that overlap (i.e., share cells). Implemented as per the specification of Fermilab RunII Jet Physics working group. Two jets are "split" if the shared_energy/highest_jet_energy is greater than the splitFraction (0<splitFraction<1).

Definition at line 54 of file StJetSpliterMerger.h.

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