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StKFVertex Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StKFVertex:

Public Member Functions

 StKFVertex (Int_t id=-1)
void AddTrack (const StKFTrack *track)
virtual void Clear (Option_t *opt="")
StKFTrackRemove (Int_t k=0)
StKFTrackRemove (StKFTrack *track)
StKFTrackRemove (KFParticle *particle)
Int_t ID () const
KFVertexVertex ()
KFVertex Vertex () const
TObjArray & Tracks ()
Int_t NoTracks () const
Int_t Charge () const
StKFTrackTrack (Int_t k=0)
const StKFTrackTrack (Int_t k=0) const
Double_t UpdateVertex2TrackChi2 ()
void Compress ()
void Fit ()
Int_t IdTruth () const
Int_t QaTruth () const
Int_t IdParentTk () const
void SetIdTruth (Int_t idtru, Int_t qatru=0)
void SetIdParentTk (Int_t id)
Int_t MultW () const
Int_t MultE () const
Int_t MultWE (Int_t k=1) const
Int_t Q () const
void operator+= (StKFVertex &vtx)
void Print (Option_t *option="") const
void PrintW (Option_t *option="") const
void SetMc (Float_t time, Float_t x, Float_t y, Float_t z, Int_t NoDaughters, Int_t gePid)
Float_t TimeMc () const
const TVector3 & XyzMc () const
Int_t NoDaughtersMc () const
Int_t gePidMc () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetDebug (Int_t k=0)
static Int_t Debug ()

Static Public Attributes

static Int_t _debug = 0
static const Char_t * GeNames [52]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file StKFVertex.h.

Member Data Documentation

const Char_t * StKFVertex::GeNames
Initial value:
= {
"gamma" ,"e+" ,"e-" ,"nu" ,"mu+" ,"mu-" ,"pi0" ,"pi+" ,"pi-" ,"K0L",
"K+" ,"K-" ,"N" ,"P" ,"Pbar" ,"K0S" ,"eta" ,"Lambda","Sigma+" ,"Sigma0",
"S-" ,"Xi0" ,"Xi-" ,"Omega","Nbar" ,"LamBar","SBar-","SBar0" ,"SBar+" ,"XiBar0",
"XiBar+" ,"OmBar","tau+","tau-" ,"D+" ,"D-" ,"D0" ,"Dbar0" ,"Ds+" ,"Ds-" ,
"LambC+" ,"W+" ,"W-" ,"Z0" ,"H2" ,"H3" ,"alpha","geanti","He3" ,"Cerenk",

Definition at line 67 of file StKFVertex.h.

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