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StMemStat Class Reference

#include <StMemStat.h>

Inheritance diagram for StMemStat:

Public Member Functions

 StMemStat (const char *name=0)
void Start ()
void Stop ()
virtual void Print (const char *tit="") const

Static Public Member Functions

static Double_t Used ()
static Double_t Free ()
static Double_t ProgSize ()
static void PrintMem (std::string prefix="")
static std::string AsString (std::string prefix="")
 Returns a string with memory utilization estimates for the current process.
static void PM ()
static void Summary ()
static void doPs (std::string who, std::string where)
static void SaveProcStatus (std::string callerId)

Detailed Description

Victor Perev, Jul 2000

Simplified version of StMemStatoryInfo class of Thomas Ullrich Measurement of used heap memory and total program size

Note: on Solaris should be linked with -lmalloc

Definition at line 25 of file StMemStat.h.

Member Function Documentation

Double_t StMemStat::Free ( )

Free heap memory in MB

Definition at line 149 of file StMemStat.cxx.

void StMemStat::PM ( )

Prints fast current heap

Definition at line 231 of file StMemStat.cxx.

void StMemStat::PrintMem ( std::string  prefix = "")

Prints current memory

Definition at line 212 of file StMemStat.cxx.

Double_t StMemStat::ProgSize ( )

Program size in MB

Definition at line 157 of file StMemStat.cxx.

void StMemStat::SaveProcStatus ( std::string  callerId)

Saves the values read from /proc/self/status at the time of a call in a text file. See StMemStat::ReadProcStatus() for parsed values

Definition at line 281 of file StMemStat.cxx.

void StMemStat::Summary ( )

Prints usage summary

Definition at line 87 of file StMemStat.cxx.

Referenced by StMaker::Finish().

Double_t StMemStat::Used ( )

Used heap memory in MB

Definition at line 142 of file StMemStat.cxx.

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