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StMiniMcEvent Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Clear (Option_t *option="")
StTinyMcTrackaddMcTrack (StTinyMcTrack *mc=0)
StMiniMcPairaddTrackPair (StMiniMcPair *pair=0, Category K=MATCHED)
StContamPairaddContamPair (StContamPair *pair=0)
TClonesArray * tracks (Category) const
Int_t eventId () const
Int_t runId () const
Int_t originMult () const
Int_t centralMult () const
Int_t centrality () const
Int_t nUncorrectedNegativePrimaries () const
Int_t nUncorrectedPrimaries () const
Int_t nUncorrectedGlobals () const
Int_t nFtpcWUncorrectedPrimaries () const
Int_t nFtpcEUncorrectedPrimaries () const
Int_t mcMult () const
Int_t nMcNch () const
Int_t nMcFtpcWNch () const
Int_t nMcFtpcENch () const
Int_t nMcHminus () const
Int_t nMcGlobal () const
Int_t nMcGoodGlobal20 () const
Int_t nRcGlobal () const
Int_t nRcGoodGlobal20 () const
Float_t vertexX () const
Float_t vertexY () const
Float_t vertexZ () const
const Float_t * vertexCovMatrix () const
Float_t mcVertexX () const
Float_t mcVertexY () const
Float_t mcVertexZ () const
Float_t centerOfMassEnergy () const
Float_t magneticField () const
Float_t backgroundRate () const
Short_t beamMassNumberEast () const
Short_t beamMassNumberWest () const
Float_t ctb () const
Float_t zdcE () const
Float_t zdcW () const
Int_t nMcTrack () const
Int_t nMatchedPair () const
Int_t nMergedPair () const
Int_t nSplitPair () const
Int_t nGhostPair () const
Int_t nContamPair () const
float impact () const
float impactPhi () const
float timeOffset () const
void setEventId (Int_t val)
void setRunId (Int_t val)
void setOriginMult (Int_t val)
void setCentralMult (Int_t val)
void setCentrality (Int_t val)
void setNUncorrectedNegativePrimaries (Int_t val)
void setNUncorrectedPrimaries (Int_t val)
void setNUncorrectedGlobals (Int_t val)
void setNFtpcWUncorrectedPrimaries (Int_t val)
void setNFtpcEUncorrectedPrimaries (Int_t val)
void setMcMult (Int_t val)
void setNMcNch (Int_t val)
void setNMcFtpcWNch (Int_t val)
void setNMcFtpcENch (Int_t val)
void setNMcHminus (Int_t val)
void setNMcGlobal (Int_t val)
void setNMcGoodGlobal20 (Int_t val)
void setNRcGlobal (Int_t val)
void setNRcGoodGlobal20 (Int_t val)
void setVertexX (Float_t val)
void setVertexY (Float_t val)
void setVertexZ (Float_t val)
void setVertexCovMatrix (Float_t *cov)
void setMcVertexX (Float_t val)
void setMcVertexY (Float_t val)
void setMcVertexZ (Float_t val)
void setCenterOfMassEnergy (Float_t val)
void setMagField (Float_t val)
void setBackgroundRate (Float_t val)
void setBeamMassNumberEast (Short_t val)
void setBeamMassNumberWest (Short_t val)
void setCtb (Float_t val)
void setZdcE (Float_t val)
void setZdcW (Float_t val)
void setNMcTrack (Int_t val)
void setNMatchedPair (Int_t val)
void setNMergedPair (Int_t val)
void setNSplitPair (Int_t val)
void setNGhostPair (Int_t val)
void setNContamPair (Int_t val)
void setImpact (float imp)
void setImpactPhi (float imphi)
void setTimeOffset (float time)
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file StMiniMcEvent.h.

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