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StMuETofPidTraits Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StMuETofPidTraits:

Public Member Functions

StETofPidTraitscreateETofPidTraits () const
unsigned short matchFlag () const
 matching information
float localX () const
float localY () const
float thetaLocal () const
float deltaX () const
float deltaY () const
StThreeVectorFposition ()
const StThreeVectorFposition () const
float timeOfFlight () const
 timing for PID
float pathLength () const
float beta () const
void setETofPidTraits (const StETofPidTraits *)
 PID functions – to be added (?) More...
void setMatchFlag (const unsigned short &)
void setLocalX (const float &)
void setLocalY (const float &)
void setThetaLocal (const float &)
void setDeltaX (const float &)
void setDeltaY (const float &)
void setPosition (const StThreeVectorF &)
void setTimeOfFlight (const float &)
void setPathLength (const float &)
void setBeta (const float &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file StMuETofPidTraits.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StMuETofPidTraits::setETofPidTraits ( const StETofPidTraits pid)

PID functions – to be added (?)


Definition at line 41 of file StMuETofPidTraits.cxx.

References StETofPidTraits::matchFlag(), and StETofPidTraits::timeOfFlight().

Referenced by StMuTrack::fillMuETofPidTraits().

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