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StMuFmsCluster Class Reference

#include <StMuFmsCluster.h>

Inheritance diagram for StMuFmsCluster:

Public Member Functions

 StMuFmsCluster (int detectorId=0, int category=-1, float energy=0.f, float x=0.f, float y=0.f, float smin=0.f, float smax=0.f, float chi1=0.f, float chi2=0.f, int id=0)
 StMuFmsCluster (const StFmsCluster &)
virtual void Clear (Option_t *option="")
unsigned short detectorId () const
unsigned short category () const
float energy () const
float x () const
float y () const
float sigmaMin () const
float sigmaMax () const
float chi2Ndf1Photon () const
float chi2Ndf2Photon () const
int id () const
TRefArray * hits ()
const TRefArray * hits () const
TRefArray * photons ()
const TRefArray * photons () const
void setDetectorId (unsigned short detector)
void setCategory (unsigned short category)
void setEnergy (float energy)
void setX (float x)
void setY (float y)
void setSigmaMin (float sigmaMin)
void setSigmaMax (float sigmaMax)
void setChi2Ndf1Photon (float chi2ndfph1)
void setChi2Ndf2Photon (float chi2ndfph2)
void setId (float cluid)

Protected Attributes

UShort_t mDetectorId
 Detector ID as defined in database.
UShort_t mCategory
 Category of cluster (see EFmsClusterCategory)
Float_t mEnergy
 Total energy contained in the cluster.
Float_t mX
 Mean x ("center of gravity")
Float_t mY
 Mean y ("center of gravity")
Float_t mSigmaMin
Float_t mSigmaMax
Float_t mChi2Ndf1Photon
Float_t mChi2Ndf2Photon
Int_t mId
TRefArray mHits
 StMuFmsHits in the current cluster.
TRefArray mPhotons
 StMuFmsPoints in the cluster.

Detailed Description

Micro-DST FMS cluster class.

Describes a cluster (collection of adjacent towers) in the FMS. May be created by one or more photons. It maintains references to the hits that form the cluster, and to photons that are fitted to it. However it does not own any of those objects - they are owned by the relevant TClonesArrays in the micro-DST.

Definition at line 35 of file StMuFmsCluster.h.

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