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StMuProbPidTraits Class Reference

#include <StMuProbPidTraits.h>

Inheritance diagram for StMuProbPidTraits:

Public Member Functions

double dEdxFit () const
 returns the fitted dEdx value
double dEdxErrorFit () const
 returns the fitted dEdx resolution value
double dNdxFit () const
 returns the fitted dNdx value
double dNdxErrorFit () const
 returns the fitted dNdx resolution value
double dEdxTruncated () const
 returns the truncated 70% dEdx value
double dEdxErrorTruncated () const
 returns the truncated 70% dEdx resolution value
double dEdxTrackLength () const
 returns the track length in TPC used for dE/dx calculations
double log2dX () const
double ndf () const
 returns number of degrees of freedon
double probability (unsigned int i) const
 returns the probability of the track being of particle type i
double sum () const
 returns the sum of all probabilities
int numberOfParticles () const
 returns the number of particles avaiable
void setdEdxFit (double dedx)
 sets the fitted dEdx value;
void setdEdxErrorFit (double dedx)
 sets the fitted dEdx error value;
void setdNdxFit (double dedx)
 sets the fitted dNdx value;
void setdNdxErrorFit (double dedx)
 sets the fitted dNdx error value;
void setdEdxTruncated (double dedx)
 sets the truncated dEdx value;
void setdEdxErrorTruncated (double dedx)
 sets the truncated dEdx error value;
void setdEdxTrackLength (double dedx)
 sets the track length in TPC used for dE/dx calculations
void setNdf (unsigned int)
 set number of degrees of freedom
void setProbability (unsigned int, double)
 set the probability for particle i
void setLog2dX (Float_t Log2dX=1)

Protected Attributes

unsigned char mNDF
float mdEdxFit
float mdEdxErrorFit
float mdEdxTruncated
float mdEdxErrorTruncated
float mdNdxFit
float mdNdxErrorFit
float mdEdxTrackLength
float mLog2dX
float mProbabilities [__NPARTICLES__]
 array holding the pid probabilities

Detailed Description

Class to hold the new Yuri Fisyak pid probabilities. Possible particles are: 0 Electron 1 Proton 2 KaonMinus 3 PionMinus 4 MuonMinus 5 Deuteron 6 Triton 7 He3 8 Alpha

Definition at line 29 of file StMuProbPidTraits.h.

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