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StMultyKeyDivd Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StMultyKeyDivd:
StMultyKeyNode StMultyKeyMap

Public Member Functions

const char * ClassName () const
void Add (StMultyKeyNode *pair)
int GetIKey () const
void SetIKey (int ikey)
const float * GetDow () const
const float * GetStp () const
void Clear (const char *opt=0)
StMultyKeyNodeLink (int jlink) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StMultyKeyNode
virtual void Set (const void *obj, const float *keys)
virtual const float * GetKeys () const
virtual void * GetObj () const
int MaxDeep (int *deep=0) const
int GetNumb () const
double Quality (int *numb=0) const
virtual int ls (const char *="") const
StMultyKeyMapGetMap () const
void SetMap (StMultyKeyMap *map)
int GetNKey () const
int GetNBin () const

Protected Attributes

int mIKey
Links_t mLink
FKeys_t mDow
FKeys_t mStp


class StMultyKeyMap
class StMultyKeyMapIter

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StMultyKeyNode
typedef std::vector< float > FKeys_t
typedef std::vector
< StMultyKeyNode * > 
- Public Attributes inherited from StMultyKeyNode
int mId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file StMultyKeyMap.h.

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