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StMultyKeyMap Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StMultyKeyMap:
StMultyKeyDivd StMultyKeyNode

Public Member Functions

 StMultyKeyMap (int nKeys, int nBins=10)
void Clear (const char *opt="")
void Add (StMultyKeyNode *pair)
void Add (const void *obj, const float *keys)
void Add (const void *obj, const double *keys)
const StMultyKeyNodeGetTop () const
StMultyKeyNodeGetTop ()
int MakeTree (int keepArray=0)
int Size () const
int GetNKey () const
int GetNBin () const
int GetJKey ()
StMultyKeyNode ** GetArr ()
StMultyKeyPairMakePair ()
StMultyKeyDivdMakeNode ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StMultyKeyDivd
const char * ClassName () const
int GetIKey () const
void SetIKey (int ikey)
const float * GetDow () const
const float * GetStp () const
StMultyKeyNodeLink (int jlink) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StMultyKeyNode
virtual void Set (const void *obj, const float *keys)
virtual const float * GetKeys () const
virtual void * GetObj () const
int MaxDeep (int *deep=0) const
int GetNumb () const
double Quality (int *numb=0) const
virtual int ls (const char *="") const
StMultyKeyMapGetMap () const
void SetMap (StMultyKeyMap *map)
int GetNKey () const
int GetNBin () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void Test ()
static void Test2 ()

Protected Attributes

int mNKey
int mNBin
int mSize
unsigned int mJKey
std::vector< StMultyKeyNode * > mArr
std::list< StMultyKeyPair * > mPairs
std::list< StMultyKeyDivd * > mNodes
- Protected Attributes inherited from StMultyKeyDivd
int mIKey
Links_t mLink
FKeys_t mDow
FKeys_t mStp


class StMultyKeyMapIter
class StMultyKeyDivd
class StMultyKeyPair

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StMultyKeyNode
typedef std::vector< float > FKeys_t
typedef std::vector
< StMultyKeyNode * > 
- Public Attributes inherited from StMultyKeyNode
int mId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 91 of file StMultyKeyMap.h.

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