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StNbdFitMaker Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void DoCentralityDetermination ()
 Default destructor. More...
void ReadData (const Char_t *data, const Char_t *glauber, const Char_t *dataHistogramName="hRefMultTpc")
 Read real data and glauber ROOT files. More...
TGraph * Fit (const Int_t nevents=1000, const TString outputFileName="")
Int_t Scan (const Int_t nevents, const Int_t nppbin, const Double_t nppmin, const Double_t nppmax, const Int_t kbin, const Double_t kmin, const Double_t kmax, const Int_t xbin, const Double_t xmin, const Double_t xmax, const Double_t efficiency=1.0, const Double_t triggerbias=1.0, const Bool_t isConstEfficiency=kTRUE)
 Find minimum chi2/NDF in (npp, k, efficiency) space. More...
void SetParameters (const Double_t npp, const Double_t k, const Double_t x, const Double_t efficiency, const Double_t triggerbias, const Bool_t isConstEfficiency)
 Set parameters.
void SetMinimumMultiplicityCut (const Double_t cut)
 Set minimum multiplicity cuts to avoid inefficiency (default is M>50)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file StNbdFitMaker.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StNbdFitMaker::DoCentralityDetermination ( )

Default destructor.

Switch on centrality calculation (default is OFF)

Definition at line 59 of file StNbdFitMaker.cxx.

TGraph * StNbdFitMaker::Fit ( const Int_t  nevents = 1000,
const TString  outputFileName = "" 

Draw multiplicity distribution sampled by nevents (default is 1000 events) Do not write output ROOT file if outputFileName is blank Return TGraph, contains [0] = chi2 [1] = NDF [2] = chi2/NDF

Fit real data by simulated multiplicity distribution

Make sure the refmult and Ncoll_Npart histograms have benn opened

Definition at line 326 of file StNbdFitMaker.cxx.

References StNegativeBinomial::GetK(), StNegativeBinomial::GetMultiplicity(), and StNegativeBinomial::GetX().

Referenced by Scan().

void StNbdFitMaker::ReadData ( const Char_t *  data,
const Char_t *  glauber,
const Char_t *  dataHistogramName = "hRefMultTpc" 

Read real data and glauber ROOT files.

TPC refMult

Definition at line 267 of file StNbdFitMaker.cxx.

Int_t StNbdFitMaker::Scan ( const Int_t  nevents,
const Int_t  nppbin,
const Double_t  nppmin,
const Double_t  nppmax,
const Int_t  kbin,
const Double_t  kmin,
const Double_t  kmax,
const Int_t  xbin,
const Double_t  xmin,
const Double_t  xmax,
const Double_t  efficiency = 1.0,
const Double_t  triggerbias = 1.0,
const Bool_t  isConstEfficiency = kTRUE 

Find minimum chi2/NDF in (npp, k, efficiency) space.

Loop over all (npp, k, x) to find out minimum chi2

Definition at line 465 of file StNbdFitMaker.cxx.

References Fit(), and SetParameters().

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