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StNegativeBinomial Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StNegativeBinomial (const Double_t npp=2.38, const Double_t k=2.00, const Double_t x=0.13, const Double_t efficiency=1.0, const Double_t triggerbias=1.0, const Bool_t isConstEfficiency=kTRUE)
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~StNegativeBinomial ()
 Default destructor.
Double_t GetTwoComponentMultiplicity (const Double_t npart, const Double_t ncoll) const
 (1-x)*npart/2 + x*ncoll More...
Int_t GetMultiplicity (const Double_t npart, const Double_t ncoll) const
 Get multiplcity by convoluting NBD. More...
TH1 * GetMultiplicity (const Double_t npart, const Double_t ncoll, const Double_t weight) const
 Get multiplicity by scaled NBD, with npp*mult and k*mult.
Double_t GetNegativeBinomial (const Int_t n) const
Double_t GetNegativeBinomial (const Int_t n, const Double_t m) const
 Get NBD(npp, k; n)
void SetParameters (const Double_t npp, const Double_t k, const Double_t x=-1.0)
 Get NBD(npp*m, k*m; n) More...
Double_t GetNpp () const
Double_t GetK () const
 Get npp parameter.
Double_t GetX () const
 Get k parameter.
Double_t GetEfficiency () const
 Get x parameter.
Bool_t IsConstEfficiency () const
 Get mEfficiency (CAUTION: value has different meaning between constant and multiplicity dep. modes)
void DrawNbd () const
 Get flag for efficiency.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file StNegativeBinomial.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StNegativeBinomial::StNegativeBinomial ( const Double_t  npp = 2.38,
const Double_t  k = 2.00,
const Double_t  x = 0.13,
const Double_t  efficiency = 1.0,
const Double_t  triggerbias = 1.0,
const Bool_t  isConstEfficiency = kTRUE 

Default constructor.

Initialize histogram

Definition at line 25 of file StNegativeBinomial.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t StNegativeBinomial::GetMultiplicity ( const Double_t  npart,
const Double_t  ncoll 
) const

Get multiplcity by convoluting NBD.

Get multiplicity from negative binomial distribution

Definition at line 92 of file StNegativeBinomial.cxx.

References GetEfficiency(), GetTwoComponentMultiplicity(), StGlauberUtilities::GetUniform(), and StGlauberUtilities::GetUniform2().

Referenced by StNbdFitMaker::Fit(), and StFastGlauberMcMaker::Make().

Double_t StNegativeBinomial::GetTwoComponentMultiplicity ( const Double_t  npart,
const Double_t  ncoll 
) const

(1-x)*npart/2 + x*ncoll

Remind 0.5. Need 2*npart in d+Au FTPC

Definition at line 84 of file StNegativeBinomial.cxx.

Referenced by GetMultiplicity(), and StFastGlauberMcMaker::Make().

void StNegativeBinomial::SetParameters ( const Double_t  npp,
const Double_t  k,
const Double_t  x = -1.0 

Get NBD(npp*m, k*m; n)

Set (npp, k, x)

Initialize histogram

Definition at line 70 of file StNegativeBinomial.cxx.

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