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StObjLink Class Reference

#include <StArray.h>

Inheritance diagram for StObjLink:
StLink< T > StLink< StBTofHit > StLink< StFmsCluster > StLink< StHltBEmcTowerHit > StLink< StHltBTofHit > StLink< StHltTrack > StLink< StHltTrackNode > StLink< StHltTriggerReasonCapable > StLink< StMtdHit > StLink< StPrimaryVertex > StLink< StRichHit > StLink< StTrack > StLink< StTrackDetectorInfo > StLink< StTrackNode > StLink< StV0Vertex >

Public Member Functions

 StObjLink (const StObject *p=0)
 StObjLink (const StObjLink &from)
StObjLinkoperator= (StObjLink &from)
StObjLinkoperator= (StObject *obj)
StObjectoperator* ()
StObjectoperator-> ()
StObjectget ()
virtual Bool_t IsFolder () const
virtual void Browse (TBrowser *b)

Public Attributes


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Definition at line 45 of file StArray.h.

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