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StPicoBTofHit Class Reference

Stores BTOF hit information. More...

#include <StPicoBTofHit.h>

Inheritance diagram for StPicoBTofHit:

Public Member Functions

 StPicoBTofHit ()
 Default consturctor.
 StPicoBTofHit (Int_t id)
 Constructor that takes id.
 StPicoBTofHit (const StPicoBTofHit &hit)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~StPicoBTofHit ()
virtual void Print (const Char_t *option="") const
 Print hit information. More...
Int_t id () const
 Return ID of the hit.
Int_t tray () const
 Return tray number.
Int_t module () const
 Return module number.
Int_t cell () const
 Return cell number.
void setId (Int_t id)
 Set ID of the hit.
void setId (Int_t tray, Int_t module, Int_t cell)
 Set ID of the track using track, module and cell.

Detailed Description

Stores BTOF hit information.

The StPicoBTofHit holds inofmation about hits in Barrel Time-Of-Flight

Definition at line 18 of file StPicoBTofHit.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StPicoBTofHit::Print ( const Char_t *  option = "") const

Print hit information.

Print trigger info

Definition at line 44 of file StPicoBTofHit.cxx.

References id().

Referenced by StPicoDst::printBTofHits().

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