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StPicoBTofPidTraits Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StPicoBTofPidTraits ()
 Default constructor.
 StPicoBTofPidTraits (const StPicoBTofPidTraits &traits)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~StPicoBTofPidTraits ()
virtual void Print (const Char_t *option="") const
 Print TOF PID traits information.
Int_t trackIndex () const
 Return index of the assiciated track.
Int_t btofCellId () const
 Return BTOF cell ID (encoding = (tray-1)*192+(module-1)*6+(cell-1): -1 - no match )
Int_t btofMatchFlag () const
 Return matching flag (0 - no match, 1 - one-to-one, 2 - one-to-multiple)
Float_t btof () const
 Return time of flight.
Float_t btofBeta () const
 Return beta (compression = beta * 20000)
Float_t btofYLocal () const
 Return yLocal (compression = yLocal * 1000)
Float_t btofZLocal () const
 Return zLocal (compression = zLocal * 1000)
TVector3 btofHitPos () const
 Return hit position.
Float_t btofHitPosX () const
 Return x comonent of hit position.
Float_t btofHitPosY () const
 Return y comonent of hit position.
Float_t btofHitPosZ () const
 Return z comonent of hit position.
Float_t nSigmaElectron () const
 Return nSigma(electron)
Float_t nSigmaPion () const
 Return nSigma(pion)
Float_t nSigmaKaon () const
 Return nSigma(kaon)
Float_t nSigmaProton () const
 Return nSigma(proton)
void setTrackIndex (Int_t idx2PicoTrack)
 Set assiciated track index.
void setBTofCellId (Int_t tray, Int_t module, Int_t cell)
 Set TOF cell ID which encodes tray, module and cell IDs.
void setBTofMatchFlag (UChar_t flag)
 Set TOF-matching flag.
void setTOF (Float_t tof)
 Set time of flight.
void setBeta (Float_t beta)
 Set beta.
void setHitPositionXYZ (Float_t x, Float_t y, Float_t z)
 Set hit position (x,y,z)
void setHitPositionX (Float_t x)
 Set hit position x (cm)
void setHitPositionY (Float_t y)
 Set hit position y (cm)
void setHitPositionZ (Float_t z)
 Set hit position z (cm)
void setYLocal (Float_t yLocal)
 Set yLocal.
void setZLocal (Float_t zLocal)
 Set zLocal.
void setNSigmaElectron (Float_t sigma)
 Set nsigma(electron)
void setNSigmaPion (Float_t sigma)
 Set nsigma(pion)
void setNSigmaKaon (Float_t sigma)
 Set nsigma(kaon)
void setNSigmaProton (Float_t sigma)
 Set nsigma(proton)

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