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StPicoEpdHit Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StPicoEpdHit:

Public Member Functions

 StPicoEpdHit ()
 default constructor. sets all values empty
 StPicoEpdHit (Int_t position, Int_t tile, Int_t EW, Int_t ADC, Int_t TAC, Int_t TDC, Bool_t hasTAC, Float_t nMIP, Bool_t statusIsGood)
 StPicoEpdHit (Short_t id, Int_t QTdata, Float_t nMIP)
 StPicoEpdHit (const StPicoEpdHit &hit)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~StPicoEpdHit ()
virtual void Print (const Char_t *option="") const
 Print EPD hit information.
Bool_t hasTac () const
 true if this channel has a valid TAC value
Int_t adc () const
 ADC value [0,4095].
Int_t tac () const
 TAC value [0,4095].
Int_t tdc () const
 TDC value [0,31].
Short_t side () const
 +1 if tile is on West side; -1 if on East side
Short_t id () const
Int_t position () const
 position of supersector on a wheel [1,12]
Int_t tile () const
 tile on the supersector [1,31]
Int_t row () const
 row number [1,16]
Int_t qtData () const
Float_t nMIP () const
Bool_t isGood () const
 false if tile is bad or missing, according to (time-dependent) database
Float_t TnMIP (float MAX=2.0, float thresh=0.3) const
void setQTdata (Int_t packedData)
void setId (Short_t id)
void setnMIP (Float_t nMIP)

Protected Attributes

Short_t mId
Int_t mQTdata
Float_t mnMIP
 gain calibrated energy loss in tile, in units of Landau MPV for one MIP

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StPicoEpdHit::StPicoEpdHit ( Int_t  position,
Int_t  tile,
Int_t  EW,
Int_t  ADC,
Int_t  TAC,
Int_t  TDC,
Bool_t  hasTAC,
Float_t  nMIP,
Bool_t  statusIsGood 

constructor setting all values

positionSupersector position on the wheel [1,12]
tileTile number on the Supersector [1,31]
EWWhich side is the wheel on? -1 for East; +1 for West
ADCADC reported by QT board [0,4095]
TACTAC reported by QT board (if there is one) [0,4095]
TDCTDC reported by QT board [0,32]
hasTACtrue/fals if this channel has a TAC
nMIPgain-calibrated signal; energy loss in terms of MPV of Landau for a MIP
statusIsGoodgood status, according to database

Definition at line 42 of file StPicoEpdHit.cxx.

StPicoEpdHit::StPicoEpdHit ( Short_t  id,
Int_t  QTdata,
Float_t  nMIP 

constructor just taking id, QT, nMIP

idtile id, encoding size, position and tile
QTdatabit-compressed QT data calibrated ADC

Definition at line 54 of file StPicoEpdHit.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

Short_t StPicoEpdHit::id ( ) const

unique tile identifier absolulte value is 100*position + tile sign is +1/-1 for West/East

Definition at line 90 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

References mId.

Referenced by StEpdEpFinder::Results(), and setId().

Float_t StPicoEpdHit::nMIP ( ) const

gain calibrated energy loss in tile, in units of Landau MPV for one MIP if the tile is identified as bad in the database, returns zero. Note you can always access the raw ADC value, regardless of good/bad

Definition at line 104 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

References isGood(), and mnMIP.

Referenced by StEpdEpFinder::Results(), setnMIP(), and TnMIP().

Int_t StPicoEpdHit::qtData ( ) const

the packed data from the QT board: ADC=bits 0-11; TAC=bits 12-23; TDC=bits 24-28; bit 29=0/1 for has/does not have TAC; bit 30=0/1 if tile is marked bad/good in database

Definition at line 100 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

References mQTdata.

void StPicoEpdHit::setId ( Short_t  id)

It is expected that this will not be invoked, but rather the constructor used

id= sign*(100*position+tile) where sign=+/- for West/East wheel

Definition at line 121 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

References id(), and mId.

void StPicoEpdHit::setnMIP ( Float_t  nMIP)
gaincalibrated energy loss in tile, in units of Landau MPV for one MIP

Definition at line 123 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

References mnMIP, and nMIP().

void StPicoEpdHit::setQTdata ( Int_t  packedData)

If you use the setQTdata method, you need to pack the data yourself. It is useful if you are getting the QT data from, e.g. StMuEpdHit

packedData,:ADC=bits 0-11; TAC=bits 12-23; TDC=bits 24-28; bit 29=0/1 for has/does not have TAC; bit 30=0/1 if tile is marked bad/good in database

Definition at line 118 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

References mQTdata.

Float_t StPicoEpdHit::TnMIP ( float  MAX = 2.0,
float  thresh = 0.3 
) const

truncated nMIP. This is usually the most useful thing to the physics analyzer. if nMIP < thresh, returns zero if nMIP > MAX, returns MAX otherwise returns nMIP

Definition at line 111 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

References nMIP().

Member Data Documentation

Short_t StPicoEpdHit::mId

Packed channel Id: abs(mID) = 100*positionId + tileId sign(mID) = +/- = West/East

Definition at line 130 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

Referenced by id(), position(), Print(), row(), setId(), side(), StPicoEpdHit(), and tile().

Int_t StPicoEpdHit::mQTdata

Packed channel data: bits 0-11 are ADC; bits 12-23 are TAC; bits 24-28 are TDC; bit 29 is noTAC flag bit 30 is the good/bad (1/0) status flag

Definition at line 135 of file StPicoEpdHit.h.

Referenced by adc(), hasTac(), isGood(), Print(), qtData(), setQTdata(), StPicoEpdHit(), tac(), and tdc().

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