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StPythiaEvent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StPythiaEvent:

Public Types

enum  { NPDF =34 }
enum  PDF {
  LO =0, NLO =1, STD =1, ZERO =2,
  MAX =3, MIN =4, M015 =5, M030 =6,
  M045 =7, M060 =8, M075 =9, M090 =10,
  M105 =11, P030 =12, P045 =13, P060 =14,
  P070 =15, GS_NLOA =16, GS_NLOB =17, GS_NLOC =18,
  DSSV =19, LSS1 =20, LSS2 =21, LSS3 =22,
  AAC1 =23, AAC2 =24, AAC3 =25, BB1 =26,
  BB2 =27, DNS1 =28, DNS2 =29, DSSV2009a =30,
  LSS2010_delGpos =31, LSS2010_chsign_delG =32, BB2010 =33

Public Member Functions

 StPythiaEvent (const StPythiaEvent &other)
StPythiaEventoperator= (const StPythiaEvent &rhs)
int runId () const
int eventId () const
int processId () const
int tune () const
const TVector3 & vertex () const
float s () const
float t () const
float u () const
float pt () const
float cosTheta () const
float x1 () const
float x2 () const
int mstu72 () const
int mstu73 () const
int mstp111 () const
float Q2 () const
float partonALL () const
float dF1 (PDF scenario=STD) const
float dF2 (PDF scenario=STD) const
float f1 (PDF scenario=STD) const
float f2 (PDF scenario=STD) const
float ALL (PDF scenario=STD) const
const TClonesArray * particles () const
int numberOfParticles () const
const TParticle * particle (int i) const
void Clear (Option_t *option="")
void setRunId (int id)
void setEventId (int id)
void setProcessId (int id)
void setTune (int tune)
void setVertex (const TVector3 &v)
void setS (float s)
void setT (float t)
void setU (float u)
void setPt (float pt)
void setCosTheta (float cosTheta)
void setX1 (float x1)
void setX2 (float x2)
void setMstu72 (int mstu72)
void setMstu73 (int mstu73)
void setMstp111 (int mstp111)
void setPartonALL (float a)
void setDF1 (PDF scenario, float val)
void setDF2 (PDF scenario, float val)
void setF1 (PDF scenario, float val)
void setF2 (PDF scenario, float val)
void addParticle (const TParticle &particle)
void print () const
void printHelper (int first, int last) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file StPythiaEvent.h.

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