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StRefMultCorr Class Reference

#include <StRefMultCorr.h>

Public Member Functions

 StRefMultCorr (const TString name="refmult", const TString subname="Def", const TString libname="Def")
virtual ~StRefMultCorr ()
Bool_t isBadRun (const Int_t RunId)
 Check if run is bad.
void initEvent (const UShort_t RefMult, const Double_t z, const Double_t zdcCoincidenceRate=0.0)
Bool_t isPileUpEvent (Double_t refmult, Double_t ntofmatch, Double_t vz=0.) const
 Check if pile-up event.
Bool_t passnTofMatchRefmultCut (Double_t refmult, Double_t ntofmatch, Double_t vz=0.) const
 Check if NOT pile-up event.
Double_t getRefMultCorr () const
 Get corrected multiplicity, correction as a function of primary z-vertex.
Double_t getRefMultCorr (const UShort_t RefMult, const Double_t z, const Double_t zdcCoincidenceRate, const UInt_t flag=2) const
Double_t luminosityCorrection (Double_t zdcCoincidenceRate) const
 Luminosity correction factor.
Double_t vzCorrection (Double_t z) const
 Vz correction factor.
Double_t sampleRefMult (Int_t refMult) const
 Sample refMult -> convert integer to double.
Double_t getShapeWeight_SubVz2Center () const
 Shape reweighting of refmult: ratio of refMult in each Vz bin to that in the center (|Vz|<10cm)
Double_t triggerWeight () const
 Trigger efficiency: fit of the Glauber/Data.
Double_t getWeight () const
 Total weighting factor: incorporates shape and trigger efficiency weights.
Int_t getCentralityBin16 () const
 Get 16 centrality bins (5% increment, 0-5, 5-10, ..., 75-80)
Int_t getCentralityBin9 () const
 Get 9 centrality bins (10% increment except for 0-5 and 5-10)
void init (const Int_t RunId)
 Initialization of centrality bins etc.
void setVzForWeight (const Int_t nbin, const Double_t min, const Double_t max)
void readScaleForWeight (const Char_t *input)
Int_t getBeginRun (const Double_t energy, const Int_t year)
 Return the first runId from energy and year.
Int_t getEndRun (const Double_t energy, const Int_t year)
 Return the last runId from energy and year.
void print (const Option_t *option="") const
 Print all parameters.
void setVerbose (const Bool_t &verbose)
 Print debug information.

Detailed Description

Centrality binning: Bin Centrality (16) Centrality (9) 0 75-80% 70-80% 1 70-75% 60-70% 2 65-70% 50-60% 3 60-65% 40-50% 4 55-60% 30-40% 5 50-55% 20-30% 6 45-50% 10-20% 7 40-45% 5-10% 8 35-40% 0- 5% 9 30-35% 10 25-30% 11 20-25% 12 15-20% 13 10-15% 14 5-10% 15 0- 5%

Original authors: Alexander Schmah, Hiroshi Masui

Definition at line 44 of file StRefMultCorr.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StRefMultCorr::StRefMultCorr ( const TString  name = "refmult",
const TString  subname = "Def",
const TString  libname = "Def" 

Default constructor Specify the type of multiplicity (default is refmult) "refmult" - reference multiplicity defined in |eta|<0.5 "refmult2" - reference multiplicity defined in 0.5<|eta|<1.0 "refmult3" - reference multiplicity defined in |eta|<0.5 without protons "fxtmult" - reference multiplicity for fixed-target program defined as number of primary tracks (without cuts!) "refmult6" - reference multiplicity defined "toftray" - TOF tray multiplicity "grefmult" - global reference multiplicity defined in |eta|<0.5,dca<3,nHitsFit>10 "fxtmult" - number of primary tracks for the fixed-target mode of the experiment Specify the type of data sets (in case there are multiple prameters/definitions in the same runs) "Def" "VpdMB5" "VpdMB30" "VpdMBnoVtx"

Definition at line 27 of file StRefMultCorr.cxx.

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