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StSsdCluster Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StSsdCluster (Int_t rNCluster)
 StSsdCluster (Int_t rNCluster, Int_t rFirstStrip, Int_t rClusterSize, Int_t rTotAdc, Int_t rFirstAdc, Int_t rLastAdc, Float_t rTotNoise, Float_t rStripMean, Int_t rFlag, Int_t *rMcHit)
 StSsdCluster (const StSsdCluster &originalCluster)
StSsdClusteroperator= (const StSsdCluster originalCluster)
void setNCluster (Int_t rNCluster)
void setFirstStrip (Int_t rFirstStrip)
void setClusterSize (Int_t rClusterSize)
void setTotAdc (Int_t rTotAdc)
void setFirstAdc (Int_t rFirstAdc)
void setLastAdc (Int_t rLastAdc)
void setTotNoise (Float_t rTotNoise)
void setStripMean (Float_t rStripMean)
void setFlag (Int_t rFlag)
void setIdMcHit (Int_t rIdMcHit, Int_t iR)
void setPrevCluster (StSsdCluster *rPrevCluster)
void setNextCluster (StSsdCluster *rNextCluster)
Int_t getNCluster ()
Int_t getFirstStrip ()
Int_t getClusterSize ()
Int_t getTotAdc ()
Int_t getFirstAdc ()
Int_t getLastAdc ()
Float_t getTotNoise ()
Float_t getStripMean ()
Int_t getFlag ()
Int_t getIdMcHit (Int_t iR)
StSsdClustergetPrevCluster ()
StSsdClustergetNextCluster ()
StSsdClustergiveCopy ()
void copyTo (StSsdCluster *ptrClone)
void update (StSsdStrip *ptr, Float_t rWeight)

Detailed Description

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