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StSstBarrel Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StSstBarrel (sstDimensions_st *dimensions, sstConfiguration_st *config=0)
 StSstBarrel (const StSstBarrel &originalBarrel)
StSstBarreloperator= (const StSstBarrel &originalBarrel)
void initLadders (St_sstWafersPosition *wafpos)
void addNoiseToStrip (slsCtrl_st *ctrl)
Int_t readStripFromTable (St_spa_strip *spa_strip)
Int_t readStripFromTable (St_sls_strip *sls_strip)
Int_t readNoiseFromTable (St_sdm_calib_db *spa_noise, StSstDynamicControl *dynamicControl)
Int_t readNoiseFromTable (St_ssdStripCalib *strip_noise, StSstDynamicControl *dynamicControl)
Int_t readNoiseFromTable (St_ssdStripCalib *noise)
Int_t readNoiseFromTable (St_ssdNoise *strip_noise, StSstDynamicControl *dynamicControl)
Int_t readNoiseFromTable (sstStripCalib_st *noise, StSstDynamicControl *dynamicControl)
Int_t readNoiseDefault (StSstDynamicControl *dynamicControl)
Int_t readNoiseDefaultForSimu ()
Int_t readConditionDbFromTable (St_sdm_condition_db *condition)
Int_t writeNoiseToFile (St_spa_strip *spa_strip)
Int_t writeNoiseToFile (St_ssdPedStrip *pedStrip, char myLabel[])
Int_t readClusterFromTable (St_scf_cluster *scf_cluster)
Int_t writeClusterToTable (St_scf_cluster *cluster)
Int_t writeClusterToTable (St_scf_cluster *scf_cluster, St_spa_strip *spa_strip)
Int_t writePointToContainer (St_scm_spt *scm_spt, StSstHitCollection *sstHitColl, St_scf_cluster *scf_cluster, StSstDynamicControl *dynamicControl)
Int_t writePointToContainer (St_scm_spt *scm_spt, StSstHitCollection *sstHitColl, St_scf_cluster *scf_cluster, StSstDynamicControl *dynamicControl, StMcEvent *mcEvent)
Int_t writeStripToTable (St_spa_strip *spa_strip)
Int_t writeStripToTable (St_spa_strip *spa_strip, St_sls_strip *sls_strip)
Int_t writeNewNoiseToFile3 (St_ssdPedStrip *pedStrip, char myLabel[])
void doSideClusterisation (Int_t *numberOfCluster)
void doSideClusterisation (Int_t *numberOfCluster, Int_t WafStatus[20][16])
Int_t doClusterMatching (Float_t CalibArray[320])
void doDaqSimulation (slsCtrl_st *ctrl)
void convertDigitToAnalog (StSstDynamicControl *dynamicControl)
void convertGlobalFrameToOther ()
void convertUFrameToOther ()
void convertToStrip (Double_t pairCreationEnergy, Int_t nstripInACluster, Double_t parDiffP, Double_t parDiffN, Double_t parIndRightP, Double_t parIndRightN, Double_t parIndLeftP, Double_t parIndLeftN)
void sortListStrip ()
void sortListCluster ()
Int_t getNumberOfLadders ()
Int_t getNWaferPerLadder ()
Int_t getSstLayer ()
void Calculation_Ratio (int idWafer, int idClusterP, int idClusterN, std::vector< const StMcSsdHit * > hitCol, int *ratio, int *idTruth)
Int_t isSplit (StSstCluster *currentCluster, int iSide, int lad, int waf)
StSstLaddergetLadder (Int_t i=0)
sstDimensions_st * getDimensions ()
StSstClusterControlgetClusterControl ()
Int_t isActiveLadder (Int_t i)
void debugUnPeu (Int_t monLadder, Int_t monwafer)
void setSstParameters (sstDimensions_st *geom_par)
void setLorentzShift (sstDimensions_st *geom_par)
void setClusterControl (StSstClusterControl *clusterControl)
void initWafers (St_sstWafersPosition *geom_class)
void renumHitAfterRemove ()
Int_t idWaferToWaferNumb (Int_t idWafer)
Int_t idWaferToLadderNumb (Int_t idWafer)
Int_t waferNumbToIdWafer (Int_t waferNumb)
Int_t idWaferToWafer (Int_t idWafer)
StSstPointListgetInactiveHitList ()
void Reset ()
void SetDebug (Int_t k=0)
Int_t Debug ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Int_t FindMcHit (const std::vector< int > &id, const std::vector< const StMcSsdHit * > &hitCol)
static StSstBarrelInstance ()

Public Attributes

StSstLadder ** mLadders

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file StSstBarrel.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StSstBarrel::StSstBarrel ( sstDimensions_st *  dimensions,
sstConfiguration_st *  config = 0 

Constructor using the sstDimensions_st and sstConfiguration_st tables from the db

Definition at line 107 of file

Member Function Documentation

Int_t StSstBarrel::readNoiseFromTable ( St_sdm_calib_db *  spa_noise,
StSstDynamicControl dynamicControl 

Old method reading noise from the spa_noise table

Definition at line 286 of file

Int_t StSstBarrel::readNoiseFromTable ( St_ssdStripCalib *  strip_calib,
StSstDynamicControl dynamicControl 

New method reading from the ssdStripCalib table

Definition at line 312 of file

Int_t StSstBarrel::readNoiseFromTable ( St_ssdNoise *  strip_noise,
StSstDynamicControl dynamicControl 

first method reading from the ssdNoise table

Definition at line 361 of file

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