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StStrangeEvMuDst Class Reference

#include <StStrangeEvMuDst.hh>

Inheritance diagram for StStrangeEvMuDst:

Public Member Functions

 StStrangeEvMuDst (StEvent &)
 StStrangeEvMuDst (StMcEvent &)
void Clear ()
void Clear (Option_t *option)
Accessor functions
Int_t run () const
 Run number.
Int_t event () const
 Event number.
Bool_t unbiasedTrigger () const
 Trigger bias.
UInt_t l0TriggerWord () const
 L0 trigger word.
Bool_t ftpcGoodRun ()
 Return whether FTPC information is good.
Float_t primaryVertexX () const
Float_t primaryVertexY () const
Float_t primaryVertexZ () const
 Primary vtx position coordinates.
Float_t magneticField () const
 Magnetic field.
Int_t globalTracks () const
Int_t tpcTracks () const
Int_t ftpcEastTracks () const
Int_t ftpcWestTracks () const
Int_t primaryTracks () const
Int_t tpcPrimTracks () const
Int_t ftpcEastPrimTracks () const
Int_t ftpcWestPrimTracks () const
Int_t primaryNegTracks () const
Float_t primaryCorrectedTracks () const
UInt_t zdcWestADC () const
 ADC value given by ZDC west (for pAu event tagging)
Float_t fractionSigma () const
 Cross section fraction.
Set functions
void Fill (StEvent &)
void Fill (StMcEvent &)
void setMagneticField (Float_t)
void setL0TriggerWord (UInt_t)
void setGlobalTracks (Int_t)
void setPrimaryTracks (Int_t)
void tagRunNumber (Int_t)
 Set a neg value of the run number if FTPC information is bad.

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetCorrectionFile (char *)
static void SetFractionFile (char *)
 Set files to use.

Protected Attributes

Int_t mRun
 Negative mRun value for bad FTPC run (set via tagRunNumber())
Int_t mEvent
 Negative mEvent value for L3Bias (automatic during Fill())
Float_t mPrimaryVertexX
Float_t mPrimaryVertexY
Float_t mPrimaryVertexZ
Int_t mGlobalTracks
Int_t mPrimaryTracks
Int_t mPrimaryNegTracks
Float_t mMagneticField
UInt_t mL0TriggerWord


class StMuMomentumShiftMaker

Detailed Description

Gene Van Buren, UCLA, 24-Mar-2000
Peter G. Jones, University of Birmingham, 19-Aug-1999
          Strangeness event micro dst class

Definition at line 20 of file StStrangeEvMuDst.hh.

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