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StTofGeometry Class Reference

Time-of-Flight Geometry Utilities. More...

Public Member Functions

 StTofGeometry ()
 defaulty constructor
 ~StTofGeometry ()
 default empty destructor
void SetDebug ()
bool Debug ()
void init ()
 initialize geometry class from XDF file and set-up DAQ/Slat mappings
void init (StMaker *)
 initialize geometry class from STAR dBase and set-up DAQ/Slat mappings
void initGeomFromXdf (const Char_t *="/afs/")
 initialize TOF Slat parameters from XDF file
void initGeomFromDbase (StMaker *)
 initialize TOF Slat parameters from STAR dBase
void initDaqMap ()
 set-up the default Daq-to-SlatId and Slat-to-DaqId mappings
StructTofParam tofParam () const
tofSlatGeom_st tofSlat (const Int_t slatId) const
 return slat geometry structure for slatId
StThreeVectorD tofSlatNormPoint (const Int_t slatId) const
 calculate the normal vector <r> to a slat
StThreeVectorD tofPlaneNormPoint (const Int_t slatId) const
 calculate the normal vector to a slats-plane More...
void printGeo (ostream &os=cout) const
 print global geometry parameters
void printSlat (const Int_t slatId, ostream &os=cout) const
 print slat-specific geometry parameters
int tofSlatCross (const StThreeVectorD &point, const tofSlatGeom_st tofSlat) const
 check if a point is in a slat
int tofSlatCrossId (const StThreeVectorD &point) const
 return the index of a slat if the point is in the slat
int tofSlatCrossId (const int volumeId) const
 decode the volumeId and return a constructed slatId
tofSlatHitVector tofHelixToArray (const StPhysicalHelixD &helix, idVector slatIdVec)
 finds slats in an array of trays which are crossed by a track-helix.
float slatHitPosition (StThreeVectorD *)
 returns 1-D hit position on the TOFp slat (Zhit)
float slatPhiPosition (StThreeVectorD *)
 returns the local Phi angle of a track inside a slat
unsigned short daqToSlatId (const int) const
int slatIdToDaq (const Int_t) const
idVector slatNeighbours (const int)
 returns idVector of 3x3 (max) neighbouring slatIds
idVector slatNeighboursWide (const int)
 returns idVector of 5x5 (max) neighbouring slatIds
Bool_t projTrayVector (const StHelixD &helix, idVector &trayVec) const

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int mMaxSlatLayers

Detailed Description

Time-of-Flight Geometry Utilities.

Frank Geurts

A package of geometry routines for the STAR Time-of-Flight detector. Methods include initialization from STAR dbase or local table (xdf-file) and extrapolation routines of tracks to the TOF slats.

Also mappings for DAQ-id to Slat-Id and vice-versa are available as through member functions.

To do:

Definition at line 128 of file StTofGeometry.h.

Member Function Documentation

StThreeVectorD StTofGeometry::tofPlaneNormPoint ( const Int_t  slatId) const

calculate the normal vector to a slats-plane

tofSlatNormPoint and tofPlaneNormPoint do not always match each other because of uncertainties in phi measurments. but the difference is small.

Definition at line 239 of file StTofGeometry.cxx.

References tofSlat(), and tofSlatNormPoint().

Referenced by tofHelixToArray().

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