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StTofrNode Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StTofrNode:
StTofrGeomSensor StTofrGeomTray

Public Member Functions

TVolumeViewGetfView () const
TVolumePositionGetpView () const
TVolumeViewGetTopNode () const
void Local2Master (const Double_t *local, Double_t *master)
void Master2Local (const Double_t *master, Double_t *local)
TShape * GetShape () const
StThreeVectorD YZPlaneNormal ()
StThreeVectorD GetCenterPosition () const
Double_t GetEtaMin () const
Double_t GetEtaMax () const
Double_t GetPhiMin () const
Double_t GetPhiMax () const
Bool_t IsLocalPointIn (const Double_t x, const Double_t y, const Double_t z)
Bool_t IsGlobalPointIn (const StThreeVectorD &global)
Bool_t HelixCross (const StHelixD &helix, Double_t &pathLen, StThreeVectorD &cross)
virtual void Print (const Option_t *opt="") const

Static Public Member Functions

static void DebugOn ()
static void DebugOff ()
static Bool_t IsDebugOn ()
static void CalcMatrix (StTofrNode *son, Double_t *trans, Double_t *rot, StTofrNode *mother=0)
static void ConvertPos (StTofrNode *from, const Double_t *pos_from, StTofrNode *to, Double_t *pos_to)

Protected Member Functions

 StTofrNode (TVolumeView *element, TVolumeView *top)
 Control message printing of this class.
StTofrNodeoperator= (const StTofrNode &)
void UpdateMatrix ()
void BuildMembers ()

Protected Attributes

Double_t mTransMRS [3]
Double_t mRotMRS [9]
Bool_t mTransFlag
Double_t mEtaMin
Double_t mEtaMax
Double_t mPhiMin
Double_t mPhiMax

Static Protected Attributes

static Bool_t mDebug = kFALSE

Detailed Description

Definition at line 137 of file StTofrGeometry.h.

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