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StV0TofCorrection Class Reference

A class providing tools to correct the time of flight of V0 particles. More...

#include <StV0TofCorrection.h>

Public Member Functions

 StV0TofCorrection ()
virtual ~StV0TofCorrection ()
StInlineContainer< StThreeVectorDsetVectors3D (const StThreeVectorD vec)
 function for initialization of 3d-vectors container
< StLorentzVectorD
setMotherTracks (const StLorentzVectorD tr)
 function for initialization of mother tracks container
Bool_t correctBeta (const StPhysicalHelixD &, const Float_t &, Float_t &, const Float_t &MomentumA=-999., const std::string &particle="")
 main function for beta correction More...
void clearContainers ()
 function for finalization by destroying containers
Float_t calcM2 (const Float_t &mom, const Float_t &beta)
 helper function to calculate m2 from momentum & beta

Static Public Attributes

static M2CutType mM2CutMap = StV0TofCorrection::createM2CutMap()
 default m2 cuts

Detailed Description

A class providing tools to correct the time of flight of V0 particles.

detailed class description see

Definition at line 70 of file StV0TofCorrection.h.

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t StV0TofCorrection::correctBeta ( const StPhysicalHelixD helixA,
const Float_t &  TofA,
Float_t &  BetaCorr,
const Float_t &  mom = -999.,
const std::string &  particle = "" 

main function for beta correction

user has to care for beta being corrected only if tof hit exists !!

Definition at line 82 of file StV0TofCorrection.cxx.

References calcM2(), and StHelix::pathLength().

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