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StiDetector Class Reference

#include <StiDetector.h>

Inheritance diagram for StiDetector:

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
void unset ()
int splitIt (StiDetVect &vect, double thick=0.2, int nMax=20)
bool isOn () const
bool isActive (double dYlocal, double dZlocal) const
bool isActive () const
bool isDiscreteScatterer () const
int insideL (const double xl[3], int mode=1, double fakt=1) const
int insideG (const double xl[3], int mode=1, double fakt=1) const
StiMaterialgetGas () const
StiMaterialgetMaterial () const
double getCos () const
double getSin () const
StiShapegetShape () const
StiPlacementgetPlacement () const
StiIsActiveFunctorgetIsActiveFunctor ()
void setIsOn (bool)
void setIsActive (StiIsActiveFunctor *val)
void setIsContinuousMedium (bool)
void setIsDiscreteScatterer (bool)
void setGas (StiMaterial *val)
void setMaterial (StiMaterial *val)
void setShape (StiShape *val)
void setPlacement (StiPlacement *val)
void setProperties (std::string name, StiIsActiveFunctor *activeFunctor, StiShape *shape, StiPlacement *placement, StiMaterial *gas, StiMaterial *material)
virtual void build ()
virtual void copy (StiDetector &detector)
void setTreeNode (StiCompositeTreeNode< StiDetector > *val)
< StiDetector > * 
getTreeNode () const
void setHitErrorCalculator (const StiHitErrorCalculator *calculator)
const StiHitErrorCalculatorgetHitErrorCalculator () const
void setGroupId (int id)
int getGroupId () const
void setTrackingParameters (const StiTrackingParameters *pars)
const StiTrackingParametersgetTrackingParameters () const
void setKey (int index, int value)
int getKey (int index) const
double getVolume () const
double getWeight () const
void getDetPlane (double plane[4]) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Named
void setName (const string &newName)
 Set the name of the object.
const string & getName () const
 Get the name of the object.
bool isName (const string &aName) const
 Determine whether name equals given name.

Static Public Attributes

static int mgIndex =0
static double mgValue [2] ={0}

Protected Attributes

char mBeg [1]
const StiHitErrorCalculator_hitErrorCalculator
 Hit Error Calculator for this detector.
 Continuous scatter attributes.
 Discrete scatterer attributes.
 Physical Shape attribute of this detector or voloume.
 Physical position and orientation of this detector or volume.
< StiDetector > * 
 Pointer to the parent detector node.
double _cos
 Convenience storage of cos(refAngle)
double _sin
 Convenience storage of sin(refAngle)
int _groupId = -1
 Detector group identifier.
const StiTrackingParameters_pars
int _key1
int _key2
char mEnd [1]
- Protected Attributes inherited from Named
string _name


class StiHit
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const StiDetector &det)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Named
 Named (const string &aName=" ")
 Only derived class are Named.

Detailed Description

StiDetector represents a detector for the purposes of ITTF tracking. It contains all information about the geometry of the detector and the necessary physical properties for incorporating it in tracking.

Definition at line 29 of file StiDetector.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StiDetector::setProperties ( std::string  name,
StiIsActiveFunctor activeFunctor,
StiShape shape,
StiPlacement placement,
StiMaterial gas,
StiMaterial material 

A setter for most of the detector properties. We do not pass arguments in a constructor because StiDetector-s are normally created by an StiFactory.

Dmitri Smirnov, BNL

Definition at line 226 of file StiDetector.cxx.

References Named::setName().

Referenced by StiIstDetectorBuilder::buildInactiveVolumes(), StiSstDetectorBuilder::buildInactiveVolumes(), StiPxlDetectorBuilder::useVMCGeometry(), StiIstDetectorBuilder::useVMCGeometry(), and StiSstDetectorBuilder::useVMCGeometry().

Member Data Documentation

StiIsActiveFunctor* StiDetector::isActiveFunctor

Functor used to calculate whether the posistion reached by a track is to be considered within the active area of the detector, and is thus susceptible of providing hit information.

Definition at line 114 of file StiDetector.h.

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