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StiNodeErrs Class Reference

Public Types

enum  { kBigLen = 20 }

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
double getDelta () const
double getDelta2 () const
const double * G () const
double * G ()
StiNodeErrsoperator*= (double f)
StiNodeErrsmerge (double wt, StiNodeErrs &other)
void rotate (double alpha, const StiNodePars &pars)
int nan () const
void get00 (double *a) const
void set00 (const double *a)
void get10 (double *a) const
void set10 (const double *a)
void get11 (double *a) const
void set11 (const double *a)
void recov (int force=0)
int check (const char *pri=0) const
double sign () const
double zign () const
double operator() (int i, int j) const
void zeroX ()
void print () const

Public Attributes

double _cXX
double _cYX
double _cYY
double _cZX
double _cZY
double _cZZ
double _cEX
double _cEY
double _cEZ
double _cEE
double _cPX
double _cPY
double _cPZ
double _cPE
double _cPP
double _cTX
double _cTY
double _cTZ
double _cTE
double _cTP
double _cTT

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file StiTrackNode.h.

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