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TRMatrix Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TRMatrix:
TRArray TRVector

Public Member Functions

 TRMatrix (Int_t nrows=0, Int_t ncols=0)
 TRMatrix (Int_t nrows, Int_t ncols, const Double_t *Array)
 TRMatrix (Int_t nrows, Int_t ncols, const Float_t *Array)
 TRMatrix (const TRMatrix &A, ETRMatrixCreatorsOp kop, const TRMatrix &B)
 TRMatrix (ETRMatrixCreatorsOp kop, Int_t nrows)
 TRMatrix (const TRMatrix &A, ETRMatrixCreatorsOp kop)
 TRMatrix (Int_t nrows, Int_t ncols, const Char_t *s)
 TRMatrix (const TRSymMatrix &S, ETRMatrixCreatorsOp kop, const TRMatrix &A)
 TRMatrix (const TRMatrix &A, ETRMatrixCreatorsOp kop, const TRSymMatrix &S)
 TRMatrix (const TRSymMatrix &S)
 TRMatrix (const TRMatrix &S, Int_t NI, Int_t NJ=0, Int_t I=1, Int_t J=1)
 TRMatrix (Int_t nrows, Int_t ncols, Double_t a0,...)
TRMatrixoperator= (const TRMatrix &rhs)
Int_t GetNrows () const
Int_t GetNcols () const
Int_t NI () const
Int_t NJ () const
void SetMatrix (Int_t nrows, Int_t ncols, const Double_t *array=0)
ETRMatrixType GetMatrixType () const
Double_t & operator() (Int_t i)
Double_t operator() (Int_t i) const
Double_t & operator() (Int_t i, Int_t j)
Double_t operator() (Int_t i, Int_t j) const
void Add (const TRMatrix &A, ETRMatrixCreatorsOp kop, const TRMatrix &B)
void Substruct (const TRMatrix &A, ETRMatrixCreatorsOp kop, const TRMatrix &B)
void AddRow (const Double_t *row)
void AddRow (const Float_t *row)
const Double_t * GetRow (UInt_t col=0) const
virtual void Print (Option_t *opt="") const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TRArray
 TRArray (Int_t N=0)
 TRArray (Int_t N, Double_t a0,...)
 TRArray (Int_t N, const Double_t *Array)
 TRArray (Int_t N, const Float_t *Array)
 TRArray (const TRArray &A, const Double_t fA, TRArray &B, const Double_t fB)
 TRArray (Int_t N, const Char_t *s)
virtual Bool_t IsValid () const
virtual Double_t Mag2 () const
virtual Double_t Mag () const
virtual void SetValid (Bool_t Valid=kTRUE)
void Set (Int_t n)
void Set (Int_t n, const Double_t *array)
void Set (Int_t n, const Float_t *array)
void AdoptA (Int_t n, Double_t *arr)
void reset ()
TRArrayoperator= (const TRArray &rhs)
Bool_t Verify (const TRArray &A, const Double_t zeru=5.e-7, Int_t Level=1) const

Protected Attributes

Int_t fNrows
Int_t fNcols
- Protected Attributes inherited from TRArray
Bool_t fValid
Bool_t fIsNotOwn


TRMatrix operator* (const TRMatrix &source, Double_t scalar)
TRMatrix operator* (Double_t scalar, const TRMatrix &source)
TRMatrix operator/ (const TRMatrix &source, Double_t scalar)
TRMatrix operator+ (const TRMatrix &source, Double_t scalar)
TRMatrix operator+ (Double_t scalar, const TRMatrix &source)
TRMatrix operator- (const TRMatrix &source, Double_t scalar)
TRMatrix operator- (Double_t scalar, const TRMatrix &source)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TRArray
enum  ETRMatrixType {
  kUndefined, kVector, kRectangular, kSemiPosDefinedSymMatrix,
enum  ETRMatrixCreatorsOp {
  kZero, kUnit, kTransposed, kInverted,
  kInvertedPosDef, kInvertedA, kMult, kAxB,
  kAxBT, kATxB, kATxBT, kAxBxAT,
  kATxBxA, kSxA, kAxS, kSxAT,
  kATxS, kAxAT, kATxA, kAxSxAT,
  kATxSxA, kRxSxR

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file TRMatrix.h.

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