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TTable::iterator Class Reference

Public Types

typedef std::vector< Long_t >
typedef std::vector< Long_t >

Public Member Functions

 iterator (const TTable &table, vec_iterator &arowPtr)
 iterator (const TTable &table, vec_const_iterator &arowPtr)
 iterator (const iterator &iter)
iteratoroperator= (const iterator &iter)
void operator++ ()
void operator++ (int)
void operator-- ()
void operator-- (int)
iterator operator+ (Int_t idx)
iterator operator- (Int_t idx)
void operator+= (Int_t idx)
void operator-= (Int_t idx)
void * rowPtr () const
 operator void * () const
Int_t operator- (const iterator &it) const
Long_t operator* () const
Bool_t operator== (const iterator &t) const
Bool_t operator!= (const iterator &t) const
const TTableTable () const
const Long_t & RowSize () const
const std::vector< Long_t >
Row () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 179 of file TTable.h.

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