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TTreeIter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TTreeIter:

Public Member Functions

 TTreeIter (TTree *tree)
 TTreeIter (TChain *tree)
 TTreeIter (const char *treeName="")
TChain * Chain ()
TTreeIterCastoperator() (const TString varname)
void ** Void (const TString varname)
TTreeIterCastoperator() (const char *varname)
void ** Void (const char *varname)
Int_t AddFile (const char *file)
TBranch * GetBranch (int idx) const
Int_t Next (Int_t ient=-1)
virtual void Print (Option_t *option) const
virtual void ls (Option_t *option) const
void Reset ()
Bool_t Notify ()
const char * IsCorrupted () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * TypeName (Int_t ity)
static Int_t TypeSize (Int_t ity)
static Int_t TypeCode (const char *typeName)
static void Print (const TBranch *tb, Int_t lvl=0, Option_t *option="")
static void ls (const TTree *tt, Option_t *option="")
static void ls (const TObjArray *brList, Int_t lvl, Option_t *option="")
static void GetInfo (const TBranch *tb, const char *&tyName, Int_t &units, void *&add, Int_t &brType)

Protected Attributes

Int_t fEntry
TChain * fTree
 current entry number
TObjArray fMemList
 pointer to TTree/TChain object
TObjArray fBraList
 list of mem objects
Int_t fUnits
 list of used branches
Int_t fNErr
 current number of units
Int_t fCint
Int_t fNFiles
TTreeIterCast fCast

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file TTreeIter.h.

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