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WeveEleTrack Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void print (int flag=0)
void clear ()
void print (int flag=0)

Public Attributes

int isMatch2Cl
WevePointTower pointTower
const StMuTrackglMuTrack
const StMuTrackprMuTrack
WeveCluster cluster
WeveCluster cl4x4
TVector3 primP
float nearTpcPT
float nearEmcET
float nearBtowET
float nearEtowET
float smallNearTpcPT
float awayTpcPT
float awayEmcET
float awayBtowET
float awayEtowET
float nearTotET
float awayTotET
float nearTotET_noEEMC
float awayTotET_noEEMC
TVector3 ptBalance
TVector3 ptBalance_noEEMC
float sPtBalance
float sPtBalance_noEEMC
float sPtBalance2
float sPtBalance_noEEMC2
int jetCount
TVector3 hadronicRecoil
int hitSector
int esmdGlobStrip [mxEsmdPlane]
float esmdShower [mxEsmdPlane][41]
float esmdDca [mxEsmdPlane]
float esmdDcaGlob [mxEsmdPlane]
float esmdE [mxEsmdPlane]
float esmdEsum7 [mxEsmdPlane]
int esmdNhit [mxEsmdPlane]
float esmdPeakSumE [mxEsmdPlane]
int esmdPeakOffset [mxEsmdPlane]
TVector3 esmdXPcentroid
int esmdMaxADC
float enePre1
float enePre2
float enePost
int awayNTr
int nearNTr
int smallNearNTr
int awayNTow
int nearNTow

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (WeveEleTrack, 2)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 64 of file Wevent2011.h.

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