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dEdxY2_t Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Reset ()

Public Attributes

Char_t first [1]
Int_t sector
Int_t row
Int_t channel
Float_t pad
Int_t Npads
Int_t Ntbks
Float_t ZdriftDistance
Float_t ZdriftDistanceO2
Float_t ZdriftDistanceO2W
Float_t DeltaZ
Float_t QRatio
Float_t QRatioA
Float_t QSumA
Float_t dxC
Float_t xyz [3]
Float_t xyzD [3]
Float_t edge
Float_t PhiR
Float_t resXYZ [3]
Float_t Prob
Float_t zdev
Float_t zP
Float_t zG
Float_t sigmaP
Float_t dCharge
Float_t rCharge
Int_t lSimulated
Float_t Qcm
Float_t Crow
Float_t Zdc
Float_t Weight
Float_t adc
Float_t TanL
Float_t Voltage
Float_t xpad
Float_t yrow
Float_t xpadR
Int_t qB
Float_t tpcTime
dE_t C [StTpcdEdxCorrection::kTpcAllCorrections+1]
dE_t F
Float_t AdcI
Float_t dZdY
Float_t dXdY
Float_t driftTime
Float_t dX_TrackFit
Float_t dX_Helix
Float_t etaG
Char_t last [1]

Detailed Description

dEdxY2_t class contains data for each cluster which is used during different calibartion steps

Definition at line 141 of file StTpcdEdxCorrection.h.

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