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inputParameters Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool init (const std::string &configFileName="./config/")
bool init (std::ifstream &configStream)
unsigned int beam1Z () const
 returns atomic number of beam particle 1
unsigned int beam1A () const
 returns atomic mass number of beam particle 1
unsigned int beam2Z () const
 returns atomic number of beam particle 2
unsigned int beam2A () const
 returns atomic mass number of beam particle 2
double beamLorentzGamma () const
 returns Lorentz gamma factor of beams in collider frame
double maxW () const
 returns maximum mass W of produced hadronic system [GeV/c^2]
double minW () const
 returns minimum mass W of produced hadronic system [GeV/c^2]
unsigned int nmbWBins () const
 returns number of W bins in lookup table
double maxRapidity () const
 returns maximum absolute value of rapidity
unsigned int nmbRapidityBins () const
 returns number of rapidity bins in lookup table
bool ptCutEnabled () const
 returns cut in pt
double ptCutMin () const
 returns minimum pt
double ptCutMax () const
 returns maximum pt
bool etaCutEnabled () const
 returns cut in eta
double etaCutMin () const
 returns minimum eta
double etaCutMax () const
 returns maximum eta
int productionMode () const
 returns production mode
unsigned int nmbEvents () const
 returns total number of events to generate
int prodParticleId () const
 returns PDG particle ID of produced particle
int randomSeed () const
 returns seed for random number generator
int outputFormat () const
 returns output format
int beamBreakupMode () const
 returns breakup mode for beam particles
bool interferenceEnabled () const
 returns whether interference is taken into account
double interferenceStrength () const
 returns percentage of interference
bool coherentProduction () const
 returns whether production is coherent or incoherent
double incoherentFactor () const
 returns incoherent contribution in vector meson production
double deuteronSlopePar () const
 returns slope parameter for deuteron form factor [(GeV/c)^{-2}]
double maxPtInterference () const
 returns maximum p_T for interference calculation [GeV/c]
int nmbPtBinsInterference () const
 returns number of p_T bins for interference calculation
double ptBinWidthInterference () const
 returns width of p_T bins for interference calculation [GeV/c]
starlightConstants::particleTypeEnum prodParticleType () const
 returns type of produced particle
starlightConstants::decayTypeEnum prodParticleDecayType () const
 returns decay type of produced particle
starlightConstants::interactionTypeEnum interactionType () const
 returns interaction type
double getProtonEnergy () const
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &out) const
 prints parameter summary
std::ostream & write (std::ostream &out) const
 writes parameters back to an ostream

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