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nBodyPhaseSpaceGen Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool setDecay (const std::vector< double > &daughterMasses)
 sets decay constants and prepares internal variables
bool setDecay (const unsigned int nmbOfDaughters, const double *daughterMasses)
void setSeed (const unsigned int seed)
 sets seed of random number generator
double random ()
 returns number from internal random generator
double generateDecay (const lorentzVector &nBody)
 generates full event with certain n-body mass and momentum and returns event weight
bool generateDecayAccepted (const lorentzVector &nBody, const double maxWeight=0)
 generates full event with certain n-body mass and momentum only when event is accepted (return value = true) this function is more efficient, if only weighted events are needed
void setMaxWeight (const double maxWeight)
 sets maximum weight used for hit-miss MC
double maxWeight () const
 returns maximum weight used for hit-miss MC
double normalization () const
 returns normalization used in weight calculation
double eventWeight () const
 returns weight of generated event
double maxWeightObserved () const
 returns maximum observed weight since instantiation
void resetMaxWeightObserved ()
 sets maximum observed weight back to zero
double estimateMaxWeight (const double nBodyMass, const unsigned int nmbOfIterations=10000)
 estimates maximum weight for given n-body mass
bool eventAccepted (const double maxWeight=0)
 applies event weight in form of hit-miss MC assumes that event weight has been already calculated by calcWeight() if maxWeight > 0 value is used as maximum weight, otherwise _maxWeight value is used
const lorentzVectordaughter (const int index) const
 returns Lorentz vector of daughter at index
const std::vector
< lorentzVector > & 
daughters () const
 returns Lorentz vectors of all daughters
unsigned int nmbOfDaughters () const
 returns number of daughters
double daughterMass (const int index) const
 returns invariant mass of daughter at index
double intermediateMass (const int index) const
 returns intermediate mass of (index + 1)-body system
double breakupMom (const int index) const
 returns breakup momentum in (index + 1)-body RF
double cosTheta (const int index) const
 returns polar angle in (index + 1)-body RF
double phi (const int index) const
 returns azimuth in (index + 1)-body RF
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const
 prints generator status


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const nBodyPhaseSpaceGen &gen)

Detailed Description

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