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nucleus Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 nucleus (const int Z, const int A, const double deuteronSlopePar, const bool dAuCoherentProduction)
int Z () const
 returns atomic number of nucleus
int A () const
 returns nucleon number of nucleus
double woodSaxonRadius () const
 returns Wood-Saxon nuclear radius [fm] (Fermi model)
double nuclearRadius () const
 returns nuclear radius [fm]; except for some special nuclei this is the Wood-Saxon radius (Fermi model)
double formFactor (const double t) const
 computes form factor for given squared 4-momentum transfer
double thickness (const double b) const
 calculates nuclear thickness function for given distance b in impact parameter space (Eq. 4 in KN, PRC 60)
double Q0 () const
double rho0 () const

Detailed Description

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