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swig::SwigPyIteratorClosed_T< OutIterator, ValueType, FromOper > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for swig::SwigPyIteratorClosed_T< OutIterator, ValueType, FromOper >:
swig::SwigPyIterator_T< OutIterator > swig::SwigPyIterator swig::SwigPyMapIterator_T< OutIterator, FromOper, ValueType >

Public Types

typedef OutIterator out_iterator
typedef ValueType value_type
typedef SwigPyIterator_T
< out_iterator > 
typedef SwigPyIteratorClosed_T
< OutIterator, ValueType,
FromOper > 
- Public Types inherited from swig::SwigPyIterator_T< OutIterator >
typedef OutIterator out_iterator
typedef std::iterator_traits
< out_iterator >::value_type 
typedef SwigPyIterator_T
< out_iterator > 

Public Member Functions

 SwigPyIteratorClosed_T (out_iterator curr, out_iterator first, out_iterator last, PyObject *seq)
PyObject * value () const
SwigPyIteratorcopy () const
SwigPyIteratorincr (size_t n=1)
SwigPyIteratordecr (size_t n=1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from swig::SwigPyIterator_T< OutIterator >
 SwigPyIterator_T (out_iterator curr, PyObject *seq)
const out_iterator & get_current () const
bool equal (const SwigPyIterator &iter) const
ptrdiff_t distance (const SwigPyIterator &iter) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from swig::SwigPyIterator
PyObject * next ()
PyObject * __next__ ()
PyObject * previous ()
SwigPyIteratoradvance (ptrdiff_t n)
bool operator== (const SwigPyIterator &x) const
bool operator!= (const SwigPyIterator &x) const
SwigPyIteratoroperator+= (ptrdiff_t n)
SwigPyIteratoroperator-= (ptrdiff_t n)
SwigPyIteratoroperator+ (ptrdiff_t n) const
SwigPyIteratoroperator- (ptrdiff_t n) const
ptrdiff_t operator- (const SwigPyIterator &x) const

Public Attributes

FromOper from

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from swig::SwigPyIterator
static swig_type_infodescriptor ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from swig::SwigPyIterator
 SwigPyIterator (PyObject *seq)
- Protected Attributes inherited from swig::SwigPyIterator_T< OutIterator >
out_iterator current

Detailed Description

template<typename OutIterator, typename ValueType = typename std::iterator_traits<OutIterator>::value_type, typename FromOper = from_oper<ValueType>>
class swig::SwigPyIteratorClosed_T< OutIterator, ValueType, FromOper >

Definition at line 5908 of file PythonWrapper.h.

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