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BTOWERDATA Struct Reference

#include <EMC_Reader.hh>

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Public Attributes

const char * BankType
 Will be filled with a 9 char array (8 letters + NULL)
unsigned int DetFlag
 DAQ Detector flag for BEMC, PRS, SMDE or SMDP.
unsigned int EventNumber
 Token number.
unsigned int PedFlag
 Pedestal subtracted or not (??)
unsigned int ReceivedByteCount
 Total number of Bytes.
unsigned int NTowerHits
 Total number of valid channels.
unsigned int TDCErrorFlag
 Error from TDC.
unsigned int NTDCChannels
 Total number of valid TDC channels.
unsigned short TDCData [30][160]
 data from each TDC channel
unsigned short TDCError [30]
 vector with TDC error for each TDC channel
unsigned short TDCToken [30]
 vector with crate token for each TDC channel
unsigned short TDCTrigger [30]
 vector with trigger number for each TDC channel
unsigned short TDCCrateId [30]
 vector with crate Id for each TDC channel
unsigned short TDCCount [30]
 vector with byte count for each TDC channel
unsigned short TowerMatrix [120][20][2]
 Matrix of ADC's in Physical Positions.
unsigned short TowerADCArray [4800]
 Matrix of ADC's as obtained from daq.
unsigned short TDCHeader [120]
 This is the TDC event header.

Detailed Description

Subhasis, Herbert Ward and Alexandre A. P. Suaide

Structure that defines Tower data format after decodification.

Definition at line 60 of file EMC_Reader.hh.

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