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DIGInitialize::PlaneParameter_t Struct Reference

Public Types

enum  { planenum = 100 }

Public Attributes

Int_t NADC
Int_t NTransport
Int_t NGeom
Float_t PitchX [planenum]
Float_t PitchY [planenum]
Float_t EpitaxialThickness [planenum]
Float_t NoiseElectrons [planenum]
Int_t NPixelsX
Int_t NPixelsY
Int_t NTemperature
Float_t Temperature [planenum]
Float_t IonizationEnergy
Float_t SegmentSize
Float_t MaximumSegmentSize
Float_t MaximumChargePerSegment
Float_t DiffusionMaximumRangeInX
Float_t DiffusionMaximumRangeInY
Float_t ReflexionCoefficient
Float_t BasicModel_SigmaTenMicrons

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file diginitialize.h.

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